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darthv72112d ago

Well damn... footage has been pulled down.

darthv72112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

@fdkenzo... thanks. WOW that looks amazing.

The command prompts look like xbox buttons. Y, B, RT for the different spells to cast.

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salmonade112d ago

Great. Looks pretty good. I'm down. If done right, an RPG in this kind of world pre-pre-Harry Potter world. It could be amazingly good. Levelling up your skills and what not.

InKnight7s112d ago

Fantastic Beast timeline?

Daeloki112d ago

1800's according to the text :)

joab777111d ago

Exactly. Imagine if CDPR had been given right. Omgoooooodness!!!

lazyboyblue112d ago

Hope this is Rocksteady. Franchise is in good hands if it is.

bigmalky112d ago

Is the Harry Potter license not still under EA's filthy wing?

SegaGamer112d ago

I always thought EA had publishing rights, hopefully that is now over because all they have done is sit on franchise for too long, just like other franchises they make games for.

We have been long overdue a proper Hogwarts RPG, the potential is there to make it brilliant.

NonShinyGoose112d ago

WB took the rights back years ago. They released Harry Potter Kinect in 2012.

AK91112d ago

I think you might be on to something.

UltraNova112d ago

I really hope he's not. Not that I dont want you guys getting a good HP game but I want to see Rocksteady do a Superman game first! Is that so much to ask for a good Sups game??

monkey602112d ago

Im not a big fan of Harry potter but I'd choose that over Superman any day of the week if this leak is anything to go by

solideagle112d ago

what about Rocksteady's superman game?

boing1112d ago

Was it ever even confirmed?

milohighclub112d ago

Didn't they say their next game would be their favourite ip? in earlier interviews, they said that the favourite ip was Superman?
I think that's where the rumour originated..

You'd think that given their name their fav would be Turtles..

deathtok112d ago

YouTube comments are suggesting Avalanche Software. They point to a rumor and job listing from a year back.

The 10th Rider112d ago

Makes sense with the physics based destruction. Plus they've worked with Warner Bros on a IP based game in the past, with Mad Max.

monkey602112d ago

They also said they were working on something other than Just Cause and that Norwegian survival game

ps3vita4life112d ago

@The 10th Rider & monkey
You guys are thinking about Avalanche studios, makers of just cause and mad max and completely different from Avalance software. Avalanche software was a Disney owned game dev that used to make Disney infinity games but when Disney left the game business, WB games bought them and took them over. I got confused at first too lol

dumahim112d ago

I think that other project would be Rage 2. I'm having doubts they're working on 4 games at the same time.

monkey602112d ago

Ah okay. I didn't realise they were 2 different studios.

No I'm not talking about Rage. I looked it up and it's "generation zero" but it's set in Sweden not Norway

The 10th Rider112d ago


Huh, thanks for the clarification. I thought Disney disbanded all their studios after their failed video game attempts, I didn't realize any were sold off. That's pretty interesting for the studio, to go from working on Disney IPs to working on something like Harry Potter.

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mkis007112d ago

Please be real and good.

The first 2 harry potter games way back were actually really fun! Being able to explore Hogwarts freely was way cool back then! I can't believe it has taken this long to make a standalone game.

-Foxtrot112d ago

Holy shit that looks fantastic

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