Russia 2055 is an indie first-person shooter that looks stunning and is created by a single person

DSOGaming writes: "InvictusVolition has shared some screenshots from his new futuristic military first-person shooter, Russia 2055. Unfortunately we don’t know much about this shooter, other than it is being developed by a single person and that it is powered by Unreal Engine 4."

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Shadowolf266d ago

Based on the screenshots and the trailer, what's on display is quite impressive for just one person, wow! We will keep our eyes out for more on this title. Great post!

Einhander1971266d ago

Axiom Verge was made by one guy look how amazing that game is.

pyroxxx266d ago

Damn he is talented as hell.

Apocalypse Shadow266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Could be potential there. Lost Soul Aside was one guy before getting help to finish his game. But it already looked good. Same with something like Megaton Rainfall for VR. One guy.

I'll keep a look out for it if he can keep it going. But there are many Indie guys out there. Even doing fan games that might not get noticed but they love making what they like.

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