Capcom is Killing Devil May Cry 5 With Greedy Microtransactions

Devil May Cry 5 doesn't look too hot right now thanks to ill-advised microtransactions which are killing the buzz of the otherwise hotly anticipated sequel from Capcom.

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Hardiman2062d ago

It's head scratching because Monster Hunter World was ripe for this garbage but they did the right thing and kept it out. I even bragged on them and now look at them, putting in microtransactions in DmC!

Dark_Knightmare22061d ago

They were there in dmc 4 and I think the dmc reboot also so where was the outrage then

-Foxtrot2061d ago

It's not the point. No one really cared for DMC4 because people were thinking how you can scam that much money from an old game, the game had it's big launch, no MTs, no nothing. What else can you do with it.

However this is something that could get worse if we let it. People give the crappy "don't like it don't buy it" or "it's options" mentality for DLC, Lootboxes and past MTs, and now look they've become ridiculous over the years.

Lord_Sloth2061d ago

Foxtrot, that is exactly the point. You can buy red orbs. That's literally it, Matt Walker has confirmed this himself and Dualshockers already commented on the amount of red orbs you can earn permission. This will be a meaningless option for people who have less time to game than the rest of us.

PhoenixUp2062d ago

Can’t believe how Monster Hunter: World went onto become Capcom’s most successful game of all time only for the publisher to later include microtransactions in another entry in a flagship series.

IamTylerDurden12062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

This is the sad world we live in. NBA 2K with VC, AC with Helix Credits, and Forza dropped the tokens and loot crates but still throws gobs of paid DLC at you. FH4 has day 1 DLC including a VIP pass with double XP and exclusive items you can't earn otherwise. Publishers are steering clear of loot boxes and classic pay to win MTs, but they are replacing them with things just as egregious.

AC Odyssey apparently forced you to grind so hard during act 3 that you are liable to just buy Helix credits with real money in order to progress in-game. Shadow of War did the same.

NBA 2K makes it such a grind to improve your MyPlayer and when i played there were so many modes that used VC that it became almost impossible to max everything out without spending real money.

Forza Horizon appears to have many unique items from car customizations to clothing to houses. That is great, and while they did away with premium currency, they still offer a VIP pass which doubles your XP. There are items that cost 10 million XP and they know how difficult the grind is without that VIP pass. They also lock exclusive items that you are unable to obtain without the pass. Obviously they have $30 car packs and paid expansions as well. Gobs of paid DLC.

Dark_Knightmare22061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Yeah I haven’t heard that from the many reviews I’ve read for ac odyssey so I’m calling bullcrap it’s like shadow of war

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Kribwalker2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

He also forgot to mention the added Micro-transactions in GT Sport. A game sold at full price as barebones and has slowly been updated to become a complete game only to add MTs to it. He also forgets to mention the countless MTs in some of his other favourite Ps4 exclusives like UC4 and SF5 amongst others. But that’s ok, tyler typically has his blinders on.

IamTylerDurden12061d ago

GT Sport was rushed, it was lacking content at launch, but since the day it released PD has worked ravenously to fill out the game and they have done so very quickly. A few months after launch the game was dramatically improved with a campaign, cars, tracks, modes, ect added. GT Sport paid for launching too early with lower than expected reviews and sales, but the game is fantastic now and Polyphony is still adding cars, tracks, scapes, ect every month....for free. GT Sport IS like a service based game, but the only difference is the service is free.

IamTylerDurden12061d ago

For an entire year there wasn't a single dollar of DLC you could spend money on, everything was free, but recently PD offered the option to purchase any of the in-game cars with real money. However, there are no exclusive cars or content and every car can be earned in-game. This is the only thing you can buy with real money. Compared to most other racers on the market this is nothing. Meanwhile, all those car and track packs that every other racer charges for, GT Sport gives every month for free. GT Sport and Spider-man are far less egregious than Forza, NBA 2K, ect. Luckily Forza isn't as bad as it was, but Forza has had terribly greedy DLC this entire gen. Loot boxes, premium currency, VIP passes. C'mon man.

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Jinger2061d ago

Stop being so melodramatic

SirenAries2061d ago

I know right? Bunch of drama queens.

Silly gameAr2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Gamers are drama queens. I learned that when all of that cross play crap was going on.

But, I kind of agree that MT's in DMC 5 is kind of wack. I wonder if its like the special edition where the price of skills and moves go up as you progress through the game. I can see a lot of grinding ahead.