What No PSX 2018 Tells Us About Sony’s Strategy

In an unexpected turn of events, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden confirmed that the company will not be hosting the fan-oriented celebration PlayStation Experience this December. What does this mean for Sony's future strategy?

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ArchangelMike1155d ago

I think they are loading up to go out with a BANG in 2019 and announce PS5 during PSX of that year. E3 2019 you'll have headline games like Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, TLOU2, Dreams etc etc, Then for PSX 2019 they'll basically have a PS5 showcase, with a possible release date of late 2020.

Bookmark this comment. If I'm right I'll but you all a drink - if I'm wrong you all get to buy me a drink :))

TFJWM1154d ago

No way they skip announcing PS5 at E3 to do it at PSX instead.

PhantomS421154d ago

Yeah PS5 reveal at E3 (lite information and maybe a couple launch games/cross-gen ports) and the big information blowout at PSX. Full information, pricing, launch line up, and release date for maybe April 2020 to get a head start on the fiscal year sales vs releasing in the fall. Nintendo found huge success with the Switch by doing this, there is no way Sony didn't take notes. Wouldn't be shocked to see a way to take it mobile too with Switch's popularity.

WickedLester1154d ago

The unveiling will have it's own stand alone event. E3 will be used for more in depth information.

Sevir1154d ago

Sony stopped announcing hardware at E3... Every Hardware reveal after the PS3 has had it's own event to introduce the system. Vita was announced in a March event during the week of GDC, the PS4 was announced in January 2013 a meat 10 months before release, the PSVR was announced at GDC a year after the PS4, and in 2016 the PS4 Pro was announced in September, 2 months prior to going on sale in November that year.

Sony uses E3 primarily for software and proting hardware, we Got The Look of the PS4 and the price point at E3.

If PS5 is coming they'll do exactly what they did with PS4, Announce the Platform formally at it's own event sometime between Jan-March that year, she'd more light on it's release with concrete info at E3 that year, skip Gamescon announce it for Japanese release at TGS and launch the machine in November 2020... That worked for Sony in 2013, if they follow the same formula, double down on games show off new experiences they'll have another 100+ million console under their belt.

Here's to hoping they'll Insure 4k/8K tech, hardware embedded Ray tracing, Global Illumination, and Tessellation, and CPU cores that can handle 60fps titles better.

That's what will guarantee a generational leap where we get CPU and GPU synergy for more believeable world and physics simulation

sprinterboy1154d ago

Agreed, psx could well be the console reveal and price though

ABizzel11154d ago

Neither the PS4 or Xbox were announced at E3. Their reveal events were February and April, so E3 is not the big event it was for revealing consoles anymore. E3 is about the games.

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Gamist2dot01154d ago

You'll "but" us all a drink? Um...I think I'll pass.

GTgamer1154d ago

Unless you drinking water I ain't buying nothing😂😂

rainslacker1154d ago

I think Sony will probably have its own reveal event like they did with the PS4. It went over well last time, and tends to get a lot of attention without having to share it with anyone else.

PSX would be good enough, but that means either a quick turn around to release for holiday, or pushing it to the next year, where it would hurt that years PS4 sales. E3 is good timing, but I think a reveal before that, so they can expand on it at E3 would make more sense.

Obscure_Observer1154d ago


"I think Sony will probably have its own reveal event like they did with the PS4."

I agree. That would be a better choice. A dedicated PS5 event where they could go on full details and complex technical aspects of the new console and the games that will benefit from its features and resources.

andibandit1154d ago

" announce PS5 during PSX"


DigitalHope1154d ago

PS5 Announcment/tease - no info, no details, just a logo at PSX 2019.

Reveal at E3 2020 with console, pricing etc. With release in November 2020

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OB1Biker1155d ago

' the theory of cross-generational Sony games seems ludicrous to me. Every game we know about from Sony is coming to PS4. Why would they move a project knee-deep in the PS4 to a completely new platform, even if it using the same architecture? That would halt production or at least decelerate the process that progressed smoothly for years. A remaster after the games were released? Sure, but none of these games will be cross-generational. If they were, I would be quite surprised.'

Weird point of view.

soulrebel1154d ago

Have to disagree. They don't even need to fully optimise for ps5. Just port it over and let it run nearer 4k 60 or whatever. But even if they did optimise, I doubt it would damage quality of the ps4 version.

GTgamer1154d ago

Remember those will be optimized for the pro so it should be easier to optimize over to the PS5 just a few more enhancements

CarlDechance1154d ago

Very strange. Cross-generational Sony games is ludicrous? LOL.....that statement is ludicrous.

Muckspread1154d ago

This is a common occurance. Many games switch generations mid-development. Or the engine gets saved for a new game.

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proudly_X1155d ago

The only thing we know is PS5 releases in 2019.

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Skankinruby1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Lol @ your comment history. You sound like a politician, zero backing for your redundant meaningless claims other than 'ps4 is dated!'. Quit speaking so aggressively about things you know nothing about you sound retarded. You know nothing about how a business works if you think ps5 will come out next year and overshadow their stellar lineup still to come. Sit your silly ass down.

Elda1154d ago

Your read was on point & so eloquent!

yellowgerbil1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

No psx is a huge mistake. We still have no release dates for anything except days gone, not even Windows for Dreams, tlou2, concrete genie, death stranding, or ghosts of tshushima. They should at least do a pre recorded thing like Nintendo to announce when these games are coming otherwise they'll just mess up the messaging WHEN they announce ps5. The games need a firm release date set BEFORE the focus shifts to ps5. Now should of been that time

BehindTheRows1154d ago

"Huge mistake".

Nah. They know what they're doing. Don't need a game show to unveil release dates of games that we've already seen. Better to put those resources elsewhere.

LiamKreptic1154d ago

You sound like an xbot...get out of here xbot

jeremyj29131155d ago

Maybe that they don't want another year of people bitching that nothing was shown...even though they said nothing new was going to be shown when they announced the date but what evs.

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