Splinter Cell Exists in Assassin's Creed

From GameWatcher: "Assassin's Creed Odyssey is really full of surprises, it seems, as the latest in a long line of wonderfully amusing easter eggs is a hint that Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed are set in the very same universe. More importantly, it's a hint that a new Splinter Cell game may be announced soon enough!"

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lxeasy259d ago

thats cool. Its the same with wild lands, it exist in the same universe as Rainbow six siege and Splinter cell.

spicelicka258d ago

Wouldn't that be the Tom Clancy universe? Not sure how Assassin's creed fits in there, but it's cool anyhow!

JokerBoy422258d ago

I wouldnt mind a little spec of sci-fi thrown into the next Splinter Cell game.

Sciurus_vulgaris259d ago

I guess Ubisoft is discreetly implying that the Tom Clancy games, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed are all in the same universe.

rainslacker258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Wonder how Tom Clancy feels about that. That means he'd be due royalties for all past games in the AC and WD franchises, as well as royalties from all that merchandising, or the massive number of other media outlets that AC has made money on.

Anyhow, its probably nothing quite so elaborate. Probably just a nod to the SC games.

Sciurus_vulgaris258d ago

Tom Clancy passed away years ago...

rainslacker257d ago

Ah. Wasn't aware of that. But still, someone owns those IP rights, so someone would be due some money if this was the actual case.

Hardiman259d ago

I love little things like this but I'd love a new full blown Splinter Cell game! Hell maybe even reboot it and start fresh with Sam and Lambert doing their thing in Third Echelon and for gods sake have Ironsides do Fisher's voice!

bloop258d ago

How cool would it be to take the best elements of both franchises and make a new SC game from it? Having all Sam's weapons and gadgets with the agility of an assassin, a modern day ninja game.

Jinger258d ago

Stop teasing me and just give me a new Splinter Cell with Ironside back!!

JBlaze226258d ago

They need to bring back spy vs merc

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