Sony Not Hosting PSX 2018 Is A Cost Saving Move, Not Related To PS5 Reveal, Says Pachter

Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes Sony didn't deem the expense to be worth the benefits received.

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sammarshall102108d ago

One less conference is ok Sony have earned it, heck we just got new PS games announced at TGS Project Awakening, Samurai Spirits, and Project Judge all look phenomenal

darthv72108d ago

What in interesting turn of events. MS brings back a show they haven't done in years (X018) and now Sony cancels one they have been doing for many years.

I'm sure PSX will return for 19 but it just seems like a strange coincidence.

Cmv38108d ago

One company is begging for consumer attention... the other isn't.

darthv72108d ago

Maybe you are right Cmv, but the timing is what's most interesting. I can see Sony taking a break but to announce it after MS made the announcement about the return of their's... it's just weird.

Your comment would make sense if it was the other way around. Sony annouces they are taking a break and then MS announces their return. That way it's more like MS taking advantage of begging for consumer attention.

Rude-ro108d ago

How was this e3 different for Microsoft?
The fact that they went agai st Phil’s statement of “we do not show off games early” to showing off games early to fluff their non existent library?

I get so lost trying to see the spin some people do for Microsoft. As in, sometime paid shills just stand out.

Do any of you ever ask what Microsoft’s intentions were for this gen?
I mean, 8 years since they have made a new AAA game, 8 years since they had a year of gaming that was actually good...
To go to empty promises and we “bought studios to finally make games”.., 17 years after getting into the console business.
But, to quote EVERY Xbox fan kid ever.. wait till next e3. Microsoft will bring it. :/

sampsonon107d ago

it's not a coincidence. MS acquired new studios, they have a service base console, and they've won the cross play debate,

sony is cutting costs, and this is just the beginning..... hope you'll enjoy cross play cause AAA games and services will take a ht because of the loss of revenue they will be predicting for the ps5.

if you don't need to buy the console to play Fornite and other big games why buy one. you can play with your friends, unlike when the ps4 was launched.

HentaiElmo107d ago

Darth Sony just did the righteous thing and let Microsoft have one minute in the lime light.

SuperSonic91107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Xbox and Switch will always be seen as the industry's antagonist to PlayStation because of the lame ass anti-consumer moves they made.

Donnie81107d ago

It's funny xbox having a show is a bad thing and sony not having one is good. On n4g sony fans move the goal posts at will.

gravedigger107d ago


"Sony cancels one they have been doing for many years. "

When they had announced the date for 2018?

CarlDechance107d ago


lol.....what an incredible overreaction.

darthv72107d ago

@digger, I dont know about the 2nd date in 2018 but there was one previously this year. Here is more info (and the history of it) cause I see you seemed interested:

gravedigger106d ago


If there was no official date announced for PSX 2018, you can't cancel what wasn't announced. LOGIC

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lxeasy108d ago

Yeah PS has done so much this gen they are most likely saving surprises for 2019 or PS5 reveal/2020.

VenomUK107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I like him, but once again Pachter doesn't know what he's talking about! Sony have been open about why there is no PSX this year; PlayStation US boss Shawn Layden said "We wouldn't have enough to bring people all together in some location in North America to have that event." In a year that Sony have delivered several big hitter titles including God of War and Spider-Man, what this means is that Sony don't have enough new games to reveal at this time. That they don't want to have a PSX without enough new content. You can't get more direct than that.

107d ago
Muckspread107d ago

Sony have earned it? After E3??

sammarshall102107d ago

Yes. Sony have been bringing the games almost all gen they deserve a break

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yellowgerbil108d ago

Sooo, that proves ps5 IS coming 2019

rainslacker107d ago

Sure, why not.

or it doesn't. who knows.

Why do people want the next gen to start so bad? this gen is going great right now.

Obscure_Observer107d ago


Maybe because Sony didn´t announced or show any new first party game for the PS4 this year? Add that to the fact Bethesda announced TWO big AAA RPGs for next gen consoles and now we have Sony skipping PSX18. That goes without mention the rumors about PS5 dev kits has been in the wild for some time now.

I think gamers has enough elements to come to a conclusion that a PS5 announcement is pretty much around the corner. ;)

CarlDechance106d ago

"Why do people want the next gen to start so bad? this gen is going great right now."

For some, they are desperate for this gen to be over it seems. Also, seems like they expect Sony to be the one to say when one ends and one begins. They are hanging on Sony's every action while reading tea leaves.

Doesn't take much to figure out who the undisputed leader of console video gaming is, does it?

rainslacker106d ago


Those are reasons why it may come sooner rather than later. I'm not sure what that has to do with people seeming to want next gen so badly.

Personally, I feel like the gen is going great right now. Lots of good games, and I'm in no hurry to see it end for the next gen where everything seems to lurch along for a year or more before we start seeing the stuff that actually takes advantage of the gen.

Seraphim107d ago

I do think in some sense the PS5 may play into it but not because it's coming in '19. Rather because they have a FULL SLATE of games already announced releasing in '19 that they've shown a billion times along with some titles that will slip into '20. Considering PS5 may possibly be on the horizon for '20-21 it only makes sense. Any new products in production are targeting PS5 launch while we've now seen a bulk of what's left in store for PS4. Highly hypothetical but at best that's how PS5 plays into this cancellation.

-Foxtrot108d ago

Or it’s just to stop people bitching they are showing off the same games again.

They are better off getting what they’ve announced already near their release dates before they show more off

Neonridr108d ago

it's true, they would be showing more or less everything they already showed off at E3.

lxeasy108d ago

I prefer them not showing off games they already showed multiple times! It kills the hype for me.

rpvenom107d ago

Or its because they're like.. we don't need to spend money on a conference.. xbox is already dead. Why bother..

rainslacker107d ago

I really don't think Sony does anything to just avoid the people bitching about the stuff they do. They know that for the most part, the vast majority of the audience doesn't even pay attention to that kind of stuff, so they'll just do whatever marketing they feel is necessary.

Obscure_Observer107d ago

Not really. PSX17 was underwhelming and gamers has been vocal about their last events format which become smaller than their previous ones.

Besides, Shawn Layden himself said that they didn´t want to set expectations really high regarding PSX18, only to just let people disappointed next!

His statement is pretty much a response they got from Playstation gamers feedback.

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proudly_X108d ago (Edited 108d ago )


PS5 Must release next year... the PS4 is dated already and as a smart company, you don't wait till sales decline 70% before you make a move. The PS4 sales is already showing 13.5% sales decline yoy.

Considering also, the Xbox 2 will likely release 2020, Sony would want a repeat of current gen, where it had a one year head start.

People screaming 2021 have no idea how to run a business. Sony is not a charity organization and it's answerable to investors. Sony do no work based on sentiments, the PS2 was still selling like HOT CAKE when PS3 was released. However, the emergence of PS5 doesn't mean the death of PS4.

I can say without fear of contradiction that GOT, Death Stranding and The Last of US II are cross gen titles with the Last of US II being a lunch title for the PS5.

Morealso, Sony will announce a price cut for PS4 Pro at $249, discontinue the base PS4 and move on with the Pro and PS5 at $399 for the next foreseeable future.

Save this information and take it to the bank!

capjacksparrow108d ago

Sony didn't have a year headstart on Microsoft this gen, they launched the same month pretty much...

proudly_X108d ago

Edit: Considering also, the Xbox 2 will likely release 2020, Sony would not want a repeat of last gen, where the xbox 360 had a one year head start.


Goldby107d ago


but that 1 year head start didnt really help ms in the end. they still sold less consoles than playstation did

CarlDechance108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

"PS5 Must release next year... the PS4 is dated already and as a smart company, you don't wait till sales decline 70% before you make a move. The PS4 sales is already showing 13.5% sales decline yoy. "

That is US only. We won't see worldwide numbers into end of fiscal year financials. And the year isn't over. Spider-man and RDR2 bundles this fall will boost sales significantly. Regardless, PS4 is still the leading console in sales in 2018. But if Sony needs to boost console sales then they can always drop the price of PS4 as you say, but not nearly as much as you think. $249 for the Pro? LOL. Don't be ridiculous. Sony obviously feels extremely comfortable with market share as it is as even a slight slowdown in demand as not prompted them to adjust the price slightly. So the conclusion that Sony "must" release PS5 next year is simply not correct.

bigmalky108d ago

Don't feed the suspiciously named troll.

MoonConquistador107d ago


I don't think he is necessarily trolling. I think in this instance he's just added 2 & 2 together and came up with 5.

Carl's comment above highlights the flaws in his predictions perfectly. I like Carl's comments.

JaXion5108d ago

This guy is one of those annoying people that think they know what they're talking about when they really don't.

proudly_X108d ago


You obviously have no idea what you are talking about..

If the PS5 doesn't release in 2019, I have a gift for U.

ImGumbyDammit107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

You make some reasonable points. However, Sony did not release the PS4 a year early. Nor, did they release the PS3 a year early (actually a year later than the X360). If you are referring to the Pro, then yes Sony may want to continue that path of being out front. But, I doubt they are looking at it that way.

Other than that, you correctly are breaking down some business aspects that Sony is dealing with now. These data points are not unusual and are repetitive from the previous two PS generations. You correctly point out the PS is in its twilight years. As such the console is decreasing in year to year in overall sales. Not drastic was around 15% last year and a 20% decline is estimated this year over the previous year (Sony has admitted this in both public statements and in their financial statements) And as they lowered prices on their base and most popular console they are also receiving less profit on each device. Initially lowering is to keep sales up now and grab more price-conscious consumers while maintaining increasing growth. Expecting in turn games and services keep selling by the increasing population to make up for that console profit loss.

There are many aspects going into when is the right time to move to a new product while the current product is doing well. But several aspects are happening as you noted already that affects general revenue. Another aspect you don’t mention is that later buyers of the console have quite lower attachment rates. They neither buy games nor purchase services at the same rate as the earlier adopters. Earlier adopters (those that purchase the console in the first three years) have an almost 50% higher per year average attachment rate than those that buy the console from the fourth year onward. This is not the actual numbers but just an example: over a lifetime of ownership early adopters may have 6 games a year on average and 60% may purchase PSN. But late adopters on average have 50% lower lifetime sales on average and that means they average 3 games per year of ownership and only 30% get PSN. Even though Sony is growing the population of owners their return on their investment becomes more expensive with a notable less return in profits to their bottom-line. It is also important to note early adopters also start to have a slight drop in their normal purchase rate around the 4th year (Sony starts to make less money yearly on those early adopters as well). Sony wants to grow revenue and with that profits. To do that they bring out the new console. It allows them to get those early, and much more affluent purchasers back into higher buying patterns. And the pattern repeats. Sony gets early adopters spending more. Keeps later adopters happy for several years by supporting their older system for several years more, and hopefully gets them to move one when that device no longer receives the games. Maybe even make some of those late adopters. early adopters.

Many gamers think PS4 has much more life in it (saying 2022/2023 is the time for a new console). That is being selfish. But, there is nothing wrong with being selfish. Consumers should always be selfish. They should always expect/want the best deal for their dollar. Wanting the PS4 to continue for more years is selfish but, a natural reaction for the best return on your consumer dollar. Sony as a company, as any company should be, is a selfish beast as well and wants the consumer to spend as much as they can get from them (more profits). Squeeze that turnip. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with that. They want to keep/make more profit from products. There is this equilibrium that must be met. One where Sony and the customer have balance in their selfish behaviors. Looking at the pattern of growth of revenue/profits for Sony PS4 now slowing we are definitely approaching that equilibrium point.

proudly_X107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

You are seeing clearly buddy. I am tired of these peeps who don't understand how business works.

They keep screaming PS4 is stretching its legs, just because it's selling faster than the Xbox One.

Emotions don't run business, it's planing and strategy. They can scream their face blue, black. The PS5 is coming next year!

107d ago
CarlDechance107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

That was huge load of unsubstantiated fluff.

cooperdnizzle107d ago

You and Proudly X should go into business. Neither of you know what you’re talking about. If the PlayStation does come next year cool. But that doesn’t mean you guys know what you’re talking about.

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mkis007107d ago

you had me until "discontinue the base ps4"...they have zero reason to do that until ps5 comes out; especially considering they could sell it cheap and break more records.

shaggy2303107d ago

@Proudly X

"Morealso, Sony will announce a price cut for PS4 Pro at $249, discontinue the base PS4 and move on with the Pro and PS5 at $399 for the next foreseeable future."

See a problem with what you typed?

See it?

I'll give you a clue, a person walks into a store and sees a PS5 for $399 and a PS4 Pro for $399, which one you think people will buy?

Ill give you a clue, it aint the PS4 Pro.

MasterCornholio107d ago

And he says he understands how business works.


proudly_X107d ago


You probably did not understand me. The Pro will retail for $249 and the PS5 will retail for $399.

Ought to be:

"Morealso, Sony will announce a price cut for PS4 Pro at $249, discontinue the base PS4 and move on with the Pro at $249 and the PS5 at $399 for the next foreseeable future."

shaggy2303107d ago

@Proudly X

It could happen..........but I still think PS5 is more of a 2020 console.

I guess we'll find out in about 12 months time.

KickSpinFilter107d ago

PS5 2020, TLOU2 launch title. PS4 will not play PS5 games but you can bet the PS5 will play PS4 games.

rainslacker107d ago

The sales of the PS4 aren't likely to decline by 70% within the next couple years, particularly not next year. The only reason that may happen is if a competitor releases another console, but even then, that isn't a given.

Releasing at the same time as the X2 will also probably benefit Sony if they manage to do the right things again, and it'll appear that they support their consoles longer, since MS will essentially be jumping to a new hardware a year sooner than than PS, as they released the X1X a year after the pro.

I do think 2021 is a bit of a reach though. 2020 seems more reasonable. I also think cross gen titles for their late gen games is a great possibility, and its even possible that both versions will be included on the same disc, although it's been proven that remasters of late gen titles can also sell well, so Sony may try to double dip.

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playnice108d ago

I'm sorry, does he know something we don't?!?