PSX Extreme: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Despite being regarded as a less than stellar launch, the PlayStation 2's lineup of SSX, Madden, and especially Midnight Club Street Racing was enough to capture my attention. Of the mentioned three, I spent the most amount of time with the first Midnight Club game, completing it and then going back every so often just to drive around recklessly. As a launch title, and back in 2000, it was an extremely impressive game. It had a decent recreation of New York City and I loved driving around it, spotting all of the various landmarks and architecture. Today, the series has evolved, as Midnight Club 3 moved the franchise into a setting featuring real cars with a plethora of licensed customization options.

This time around, the fourth Midnight Club game takes you to Los Angeles. As is typical with these kinds of games, your character arrives in the area and is greeted with less than love. You're given a cheap pile of heap to drive around and work on, until you've earned enough money and stature to purchase a better, more expensive car. It's the typical formula, so don't expect anything new."

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