Destiny 2's Masterwork Cores Getting Reworked

Bungie finally confirmed that they are solving issues many fans are having with Destiny 2. Just before the Forsaken Expansion, a patch was implemented that increased the importance of the "Masterwork Cores" resource.

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chris23569d ago ShowReplies(7)
OnlyThoseOnTheFence69d ago

*sigh* A never-ending story of every aspect of this game getting "reworked" so that it doesn't suck. Just give up already...

Parasyte69d ago

The problem is not the name of the damned things. The problem is they are involved in the infusion process and that they are extremely rare. All Bungie has to do is remove them from the cost of Infusion and provide more reliable ways to get them! Bungie's response is a little tone deaf.

Gameseeker_Frampt69d ago

If you want, you can read almost the same article put out by Bungie in 2017. Maybe in 2019 they will get the game economy right and implement exotic duplicate protection. Until then, keep grinding Guardians because Bungie doesn't value your time and neither should you.