5 GameCube Titles That Would Play Well on 3DS

Hardcore Gamer: The GameCube remains a popular console even though it’s closing in on its 20th birthday. Many Nintendo fans and enthusiasts praise it for being a sturdy, well-built machine with amazing titles that continue to be enjoyed for a throwback to simpler times. Lately, many games from the era are making a comeback on current gen systems. One of which is the 3DS which is slowly losing some support thanks to the Switch’s launch. One of its classic games, Luigi’s Mansion, is coming to the 3DS soon, though. That’s why we’ve come up with five more video games that could fit well on the system.

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EddieNX 1708d ago

All of them would be better on the Switch remastered.

-Foxtrot1708d ago

Or...or...and I said OR

Nintendo puts them on the Switch and remasters them, you know which they should have done to Luigis Mansion aswell as making the second one on consoles. What's the point having this new console which can also be a handheld only to put these great games on the 3DS.

Neonridr1708d ago

we have Luigi's Mansion 3 though. I am happier about that.

-Foxtrot1708d ago

I’d rather have had a remastered version of the first game and had a sequel made for the Wii U at the time similar to the original...not a mission like structure

Neonridr1708d ago

@Foxtrot - tbh I'd rather have new games. People complain enough around here when Nintendo re-releases a game. Christ, the amount of flak we have heard over a few Wii U titles being released on the Switch you would think that's all they ever do.

King_Noctis1707d ago

Both consoles can exist side by side you know. Its not like the Switch is lacking games anyway.

-Foxtrot1707d ago

If they can exist side by side then release them for the Switch instead of the 3DS

Hell the Switch should be getting 3DS games by now

Mozillayaseen1706d ago

Recently bought a 3DS (yes I know I'm late to the party) and i'm amazed by it's 3D so far. Thinking of picking up Luigi Mansion for it next. I really hope Nintendo does make a successor to the 3DS.With better graphics and improved 3D (if it's possible for them to improve it even more...

michaelknight351706d ago

hey a new nintendo 3ds is still worth buying in 2018 lots of good games but idk about nintendo making a successor to 3ds with improved 3d i think they done with the 3d gimmick

Mozillayaseen1706d ago

I know I haven't had enough play time with the 3DS like everyone else to get over it but I think the 3D really does add to the experience and without glasses. Nintendo is always trying something new and different than the competition which is good for the industry. They are about the experience that you can't get anywhere else.