Nintendo's BIGGEST Switch Games of 2019 - How SOON is Metroid?

2018’s biggest Nintendo games haven’t even launched yet, but I just can’t stop thinking about 2019. Animal Crossing. Luigi’s Mansion. Pokemon.

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Moonman46d ago

If Nintendo can release Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime 4, Luigi's Mansion 3 and the all new Pokemon by next will feel like GameCube era again. If I remember correctly...Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime and Animal Crossing all released in 2002 in the USA. All classics.

DJK1NG_Gaming46d ago

Uh no. Metroid not even in the S-A-B Ranked Nintendo Franchise.
Its in between C and D alongside Yoshi, Xenoblade, ARMS & Kirby sales wise.

Neonridr45d ago

yes but anticipation and hype for the next installment will most likely result in this newest version being the best selling by far.

Moonman45d ago

I agree, and I guess many don't know how well the first Metroid Prime sold. I bet this one will outsell it (if it's good).

Segata45d ago

I'm more hyped for Daemon X Machina than anything. Also be amazing if they somehow get Bayonetta 3 out next year.