PlayStation Classic Will Sell ‘Millions’, Won’t Hurt PS4 Sales – Pachter

Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes Sony's classic mini console will be quite successful.

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septemberindecember49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Why would anyone think it would hurt PS4 sales?

JackBNimble48d ago

Exactly what I was going to say.

lxeasy48d ago

just pachter talking shit

rainslacker48d ago

Because some people are stupid.

sprinterboy49d ago

Psvr is currently £249 here in the UK it comes with headset, camera, 2 move controllers, vr worlds and a choice of either firewall zero hour or Wipeout collection.
I'd recommend gamers put the £100 twds psvr rather than the playstation classic imo.

jukins49d ago

Yes yes especially firewall. Wipeout is fun but it's all but dead online

jukins49d ago

I'm a ps fan through and through but is anyone else just not interested? At least not with just the titles revealed so far

Elda49d ago

Especially the first 5 & I already have FFVII:HD on my Pro & I don't care about the other 4,if the other 15 aren't a must have to me to play I'll pass.

Segata49d ago

I have a PS1 and a PSOne with my PocketStation plus my PS2 and PS3 play PS1 games and I just bought Omega Boost and G Darius. I literally have no need for a PS1 classic when I have a bunch of games and multiple ways to play PS1.

salmonade49d ago

It's for collectors, presents and people who want it because it looks cute and nostalgic on their bookcase etc. If people really really wanted to play these old games they could just do it on an old pc with a PS1rom

sprinterboy49d ago

Exactly buddy, after Xmas sales will drop off the cliff

Nu49d ago

I'm actually more excited for the N64 classic that's been rumoured

DigitalRaptor48d ago

It's a nice collector's item, and is cool for nostalgia.

I understand the ones not interested in buying it though. Sony should allow you to load up your PSN purchases onto it, so you can play others than the 20 games they choose, but I am not counting on that at all.

rainslacker48d ago

Its cool as a collectible product, but I wouldn't buy it just to play the games on it.

I still have a fully BC PS3, and an actual PS1 and PS2 with plenty of games should I wish to actually play any of those games.

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awdevoftw49d ago

What's cool is that you know they will make enough.

Teflon0249d ago

I actually was allowed to preorder and not wait forever to see a snes mini in stock. Literally only got my snes mini like a month ago

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