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Josh writes: Boundless is an open world MMO that you will swear is the love child of Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. It's developed and published on PS4 by Wonderstruck, with the PC version being published by Square Enix.

We would first see it under its original title “Oort Online” in 2014 on Steam. Since then, it has had its numerous updates and its name changed; and now, Boundless has not only officially launched on Steam but also as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 4.

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ILostMyMind73d ago

Much better than Minecraft.

Rangerman120873d ago (Edited 73d ago )

So by the looks of your reviews, The Walker (a barebones wave shooter) and Gene Rain (a poorsman gears) are way better games than this?

Sure, why not.

rob-GP72d ago

Different reviewers... I (Rob) reviewed Gene Rain and The Walker - which I enjoyed playing, gave a full review for and slapped a number on the end as to how I felt after playing the game. One of my new reviewers played and reviewed this game with his kid and they ended up not enjoying it as much as others out there did.

Also, don't forget that the 'score' in a review, on any site, is based on the reviewer's personal experience and enjoyment of the title - there isn't a rule book out there which everyone must follow in order to grade a game with their opinion. That's what the text is for, something you clearly don't read as you only focus on the end number.

Finally, you also can't cross-genre match a review. Yeah, I gave Shenmue 1 and 2 a 6.1/10 I think it was, because it was a poor re-release and the game was boring and technically not very intuitive based on modern standards. Yet I gave 428: Shibuya Scramble a 10/10 because it's by far the best Visual novel game out there. If I had reviewed GoW or Spider-Man and gave them an 8 or 9, does that mean I think 428 is better? Maybe, maybe not. One thing's for sure though, it's the best visual novel and that's why it got a perfect score off me within its genre.

So yeah, if you don't like our reviews or you would rather focus on a number and disregard the actual text we have spent a while putting together to explain our reasons, then why even bother commenting (as I know you don't visit the site)? Just like the saying goes, if you have nothing nice (or constructive) to say, then don't say anything :)

Strider212172d ago

Geez. I think you've gone a bit overboard there lol

I mean, Rangerman does have a point. I mean, you literally gave Gene Rain a score of 6.8, while for Boundless, you gave it 5.5.

Like, there are opinions, and then there are THE opinions. Is kinda hard to tell which one of these fits well for you.

And while I'm at it, The Walker was a very mediocre game. Lack of variety, barebones survival, shallow story, weak sword combat, etc. Is okay, I guess, but I wouldn't call it "good". If it was good, Sony Asia president should have mentioned the game during an interview about China HeroProject, or published the game in Japan (like what they're doing to Kill X). Plus, it's safe to say that the game has fallen into obscurity, since not a lot of people are even talking about the game. Even the people on the PSVR subreddit page just kinda forgot it even existed. The only Walker review that was on point and detailed every single flaws instead of blindly praising the game was from TechRaptor's.

I guess the game is good if you REALLY like wave shooters....or you probably just want to get yourself your first wave shooter, which even then, is still overpriced. Brookhaven is far superior.

rob-GP72d ago

@Strider2121 - like I said ‘I’ didn’t give boundless a lower score as I wasn’t the one who reviewed it. Also, it’s a different genre so you can’t compare scores.

I gave pic a pix a 9/10 I think. Yet I gave Tomb raider a 7.5/10 - again, I think. I can’t remember exactly but they were around that. In terms of both of your logics, I’m saying pic a pix is ‘better’. Both games have different target audiences, they are different genres and Cater to different people. So no, the score doesn’t make one ‘better’ than the other.

Why don’t any of you understand that a score is pointless. It’s the ultimate opinion of the person playing based on many factors, mainly how much they enjoyed playing the game. Nobody will have the same opinion.

You can both have your own opinions on the Games, I couldn’t care less about that, but being unable to grasp that different people reviewed the games you are talking about is rather silly and shows you really don’t understand.

Anyway. It’s pointless trying to explain to people who don’t understand. Like I said to the other guy, read the reviews and comprehend that not everyone will have the same opinion, otherwise why bother commenting?

Strider212172d ago

Meh. I liked the game. I enjoyed playing it way more than No Man's Sky and Minecraft in all honesty.