Virtual Nostalgia: Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry series is slowly but surely gaining its way back into the spotlight. Ever since its initial showing of Devil May Cry 5 at E3 – it’s gone from strength to strength – with a series of well-received trailers that are bringing both old fans into the fray, and winning over new ones in the process. While all of this is exciting, it is perhaps another reason to go a bit further back in time and revisit the first game in the series. One which was responsible for birthing the entire ‘character action’ sub genre, influencing combat in third person games overall, and to be frank, being an incredibly memorable action masterpiece on its own.

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PhoenixUp113d ago

I appreciate what the original game did for the industry as a whole, but I still wouldn’t call DMC1 a masterpiece

TheOptimist113d ago

I feel that it's much more tightly constructed with tighter pacing and a better sense of mood. its combat system isnt as varied as 3 and 4, but its as intense and the rest of the game holds up.

Apocalypse Shadow112d ago

It was a masterpiece in stylish action. And created a sub genre within action games that was copied, yes copied, by ninja gaiden, god of war, bujingai,dantes inferno, castlevania lament of innocence, etc, etc. The RE bug accident created something new and fresh. Even Bayonetta is an off shoot of the same game design from the same director.

The story may not have been fully fleshed out in cut scenes, but it still had a cool story with a character you immediately attach to. The gameplay, the graphics, that castlevania feeling walking down the hallways before the rock kicked in, the smart remarks, the juggling, the weapons, everything was on point. Even the demo reels before you start the game was stylish.

It only went south here and there from other cooks not making the sequels at the level of hideki kamiya and shinji makami. With 3 being the exception.

Without dmc1,who knows what the action genre would have looked like going forward.

For the time, and the limited ps2 texture memory, power, etc, I'd call it a masterpiece.

ameliabaz112d ago

I agree. It was definitely a great experience at the time, but even when it came out it had noticeable problems.

Platformgamer112d ago

i revisited it recently and the game aged well with his basic gameplay.
still, some final chapters scenes are hilarious ahah

Pozzle112d ago

"I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!& quot;

cha0sknightmare112d ago

Been playing through this recently. It hasn't aged super well, but it still hits me with a nice nostalgia blast.

AK91112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Agreed DMC1 was awesome.