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TICGN Writes: Which gaming service do you use? Xbox Games Pass, Playstation Now, both, or neither? Chances are eventually you will be trying out one of these services but which will become the one every gamer wants the most?

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FallenAngel1984110d ago

“It’s hard to picture but a similar fate has happened to every other medium.”

It’s important to also remember that the gaming industry is unique compared to other industries.

For starters games often have way larger files sizes than movies, music, television, etc so it’s not as feasible for everyone to have a digital library of all their games. While 1TB is overkill for those mediums, even that’s not enough to satisfy many a gamer.

Also you need a specific device to play a game on any console or handheld, while you can play digital movies, music, and television on almost any device. This is why a closed platform that the hardware manufacturers still have high physical sales of games while the open PC platform has nowhere close to the number of software sales for games.

Gaming is also more costly than the other mediums, and many retail outlets compete with one another to have competitive prices for games. This competition means consumers can often find better prices elsewhere than they would waiting for a particular game to get a discount on the digital store. And since gaming is so much more expensive than those other mediums, people will also value reselling their games as opposed to those other mediums that don’t have as much value used.

Gaming also has larger time investment per unit than those other mediums. Whereas it’s easy for a group of people to enjoy movies, television and music together, a game is different in that only the person controlling it would get the most enjoyment. This Interactivity and time investment makes people more likely to lend games to one another than in a far more meaningful way than in other medium.

There’s a reason physical games still hold a huge presence in this digital era, and that will always remain the case.

PhoenixUp110d ago

“Not only that but if Microsoft puts Game Pass out on PC that would mean Sony would have to follow suit or risk a huge loss of a lead.”

The author clearly doesn’t know that PlayStation Now is already available on PC. 🙄

If you’re going to try and make a point, do research before bringing it up otherwise you’re a shoddy journalist.

“Unlike Microsoft, Sony does not want to release games on the PC. It would be a stepping stone for a PlayStation gamer to move onto a PC service like Steam.”

How would it benefit Sony’s PlayStation brand to release their first party games on PC? How would it benefit PlayStation gamers to buy its first party titles on PC?

Kribwalker109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

“How would it benefit Sony’s PlayStation brand to release their first party games on PC? How would it benefit PlayStation gamers to buy its first party titles on PC?”

they could play their games at Nativd 4k with higher frramerates and upgraded graphics if sony gamers played on PC. Sony would have a bigger player base and the potential for more sales of their games if they released on PC. And games sales is usually where companies make their money on consoles often taking a loss on every piece of hardware sold. Which would benefit sony

about the other stuff, they both are on PC already like you say. Gamepass is quite a bit more limited on PC, due to it being Play Anywhere titles only, so PSnow does have a leg up there

SpaceRanger109d ago

"Sony would have a bigger player base and the potential for more sales of their games if they released on PC. "

Yeah we've already seen that that's not the case with MS dumping all of their "exclusives" on PC.

CarlDechance109d ago

But Sony's ecosystem is the PS4. MS only allows their games sold within their ecosystem as well via Xbox or Windows 10 Store. Neither are going to break out of their ecosystems. There is no benefit to that at all.

PS Now on PC is stream only so Game Pass is still the best option there. And for $10 you can play a first party MS game like Forza Horizon 4 for a month and then move on to something else. Save $50 and only subscribe when MS gives you a reason to....which there haven't been many reasons to subscribe on PC because of the lack of quality first party games. Which is why I use MS Rewards points for my subscription. So damn easy to get everything MS puts out for free.

Dragonscale109d ago

@krib, Sony released the pro to try to avert people from moving to pc from playstation. Why the hell would they do something that would do the opposite and also make playstations less attractive? MS did it because of poor xbox one sales fgs a problem Sony doesn't currently have. Not gonna happen.

SegaGamer109d ago

I'm not a fan of either of them in all honesty. I wouldn't want to sign up to a subscription to play a game. I would feel pressured to play the game before my subscription runs out. I like thing as they are, playing the games I have actually bought in my own time without needing to think about how long I have left to play those games.

lollord109d ago

The problem I have with psnow is its still not even marketed. Even when they added downloading, no one except for some gaming sites said anything about it, not even sony. Its like they don't care for it at all.

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