Nomura Shared New Artwork and a Message For The World Ends With You: Final Remix

The World Ends With You: Final Remix recently launched in Japan, and to commemorate the occasion Tetsuya Nomura shared a special illustration and a little message.

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PhoenixUp44d ago

Nomura mentioning KH2.8 in this post has me thinking they should’ve also released TWEWY on PS4 so people who played KH2.8 could go directly to playing this port

PhoenixUp43d ago

What do you have against a PS4 port? Nomura is already trying to build synergy between KH2.8 & TWEWY with these Twitter post, so it would only make the most sense

Kikutaro43d ago

Because it can’t be done with control pad. Even with Final Remix you could only use the joycons with controlling partners and pins with motion controls from both joycons, you couldn’t use the pro controller with the game either. Before you port beg at least have some knowledge about the game first