Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sales Outside Japan Far Exceeded Monolith Soft's Expectations

It's good to be a JRPG on the Nintendo Switch. According to Monolith Soft Executive Director Tetsuya Takahashi, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its recent DLC, Torna: The Golden Country, surpassed Monolith Soft's commercial expectations, especially in the West.

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Nyxus989d ago

Good news! This is my favorite Switch game, it deserves the sales. I'm also picking up the Torna expansion later.

Asuka989d ago

This is my favorite game of recent years. I have somewhere around 700hrs invested in it haha. I just finished Torna The Golden Country last night, and it was everything an expansion should be imo.

I am happy to hear of the great sales. Hopefully something can be worked out with the older IPs (gears, saga) so they can see a rerelease, but I know that's a long shot. Either way I'm looking forward to whatever Monolith Soft does next.

Segata988d ago

My fave in the series and fave game on Switch so far as well.

FallenAngel1984989d ago

It’s the best selling game in the developer’s history

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Gemmol988d ago

It's finally earning the respect it should get bro

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no_more_heroes988d ago

Please bring the first one to the switch!

Zeldafan64988d ago

This had better be up for rpg of the year at the game awards.

Segata988d ago

I wonder if Xenoblade will ever win. I hope they do someday. Hey at least Ocotpath will be in the running and I hope it at least wins for best music. If Nier can then it's possible.

Zeldafan64988d ago

Haven't played Octopath yet but I have a hard time believing that it has a better soundtrack than Xenoblade.

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The story is too old to be commented.