Bungie Files Trademark for "Matter"

Bungie has filed a trademark for Matter, which could be the next big IP, or at least the next step, for the Destiny developer.

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LaWiiG2070d ago

I’m still wondering what “it” is.

sprinterboy2069d ago

Matter and anti matter so universe based

AspiringProGenji2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

As long as Bungie is with Activition it won’t Matter

LaWiiG2070d ago

The partnership looks like it’s with NetEase.

porkChop2069d ago

That 10-year partnership is only for Destiny.

Mekami862069d ago

Well it would either be EA or Activision take you're pick in the one that is worst lol

Fist4achin2069d ago

Damn, tough crowd to choose from.

LaWiiG2069d ago

I’d argue in favor of Activision tbh

Shikoku2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Yay another game that will be half baked with torn out part resold to us for more profit in a game engine that is retardedly hard to program so it takes ages to make stuff in

Spurg2069d ago (Edited 2069d ago )

Stepping away from MS was the downfall of Bungie.
By the look of things this seems to be an online game....I wouldn't mind as long as single companies it.

Thundercat772069d ago

For them, leaving MS was the best desicion ever and judging by how most of MS studios were shut down, destroyed or being just a small fraction of what they were before, I am pretty sure Bungie made the best desicion in living MS for good.

Spurg2069d ago

Learn to spell please and second, do some research.

ninsigma2069d ago

Nothing to say Destiny would have been any different under anyone else as publisher.

ninsigma2069d ago

Well I would say they probably wouldn't have been allowed to make anything other than halo had they stayed.

Nodoze2069d ago

Have to say I am quite enjoying Destiny. Picked up a copy for my son and I to play for like 20 bucks with all DLC. A phenomenal amount of content. I never played prior to Destiny 2 being part of PS+. Grindy, yes, but the gun play and feel is simply fantastic. I wish there were more story and lore, but what is on offer makes this by far the best 20 I have ever spent on a game.

ninsigma2069d ago

Yeah the gameplay of destiny is fantastic. By far one of the best fps games in terms of gunplay this generation. It's the other stuff that brings it down unfortunately.

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Atticus_finch2069d ago

MS is known for suffocating and killing studios. Bungie left for good reasons.

Nodoze2069d ago

MS simply wanted them tp pump out Halo titles every year.

Mekami862069d ago

Its Bungies new BR game you heard it here first haha

LaWiiG2069d ago

I hope not. That genre is dying off. Except for Blops 4. Actually liked Blackout