PS3 Underdelivers Again - FarCry 2 Gimped?

After all this hullabaloo about how the PlayStation 3 is the only "true" HD console, here comes the release of FarCry 2 to slap Sony's PR in the balls. In addition to people complaining about the messed-up widescreen and mandatory 3.5GB install, the PS3 version falls short of its Xbox 360 counterpart by only supporting 720p while the 360 version supports full 1080p.

Ripten noticed this themselves just by looking at the back of the case for the game, a photo of which they've conveniently provided for you:


Ripten has updated the story with the following:

It is also worth noting that in a recent IGN head-to-head comparison of the game, the reviewer had the following to say regarding the differences:

“The only real differences are the PS3’s occasional framerate hitches and the dropping of some sound effects during hectic gunfights. These issues don’t really hurt the experience in any major way, but will be a minor irritation for some. If you’re at all interested in shooters, Far Cry 2 is an experience you will enjoy on any console. If you have the luxury of choice, the 360 version runs just a little bit more smoothly.”

1st = PC
2nd = 360
3rd = PS3

Translation: gimped?

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Twizlex4272d ago

All I have to say is O... M... G...

elshimiablo4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

FC 2 is 720p on both consoles
Ubi Montreal themselves confirmed that

1080p mode could be upscaled mode which will be supported by PS3 too since PS3 upscales games too

No x360 games support 1080p native . It only upscales to the rez
PS3 on the other hand has 6 games at 1080p at 60 fps

FC 2 is 720p on both consoles
It upscales to that Rez

FC2 is 720p on both consoles


lwhatee4272d ago

everyone please report the story as Fake
both versions actually run at 720p --confirmed by Devs and IGn

power of Green 4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Is fucin retared don't listen to that nut. lol

NBA Steet HomeCourt, Virtua Tennis and Geometry Wars 2 runs at 1080p native on the 360, off the top of my head.

EDIT: Yes Jolly I'm startiing to think a huge part of the PS3 fanbase is are users with multi accounts.

180p native:
NBA Street Home Court
Virtua Tennis
Geometry Wars 2
FIFA street
Boogie Bunnies

I'm sure there is more but no one cares and MSFT doesn't boast the differece between upscaled or native so 99% gamers are ignorant to the number.

lwhatee4272d ago

No games run 1080p natively on x360
Wipeout as u have seen in 1080p native at 60 fps
same goes to ridge racer 7, and Gt5p and some other ps3 games

no game on x360 run at 1080p native cuz x360 doesnt have the bandwidth to support that rez.
ps3 on the other hand has like 26 games at 1080p with some running at 60 fps

JOLLY14272d ago

isn't it weird that roshambo and iwatee both post the same links? I am sure it isn't the same person. I am completely sure that this isn't nasim. So I wonder who it could be.

GiantEnemyCrap4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Ha ha ha we decive all of you. It was easy to use lies like this to sucker dumb 360 lemmings and now these stories are starting meaningless brushfires.

pog, you are giving us 360 fans a bad name. If you cant spell retarded then you should shut up. Otherwise you look retarded. Wait, you are. Oh why bother.

poopsack4272d ago

All I have to say is your pathetic. Posting this false crap here, believing it, making a big deal out of it, and then defending it after the author himself says its incorrect. Im surprised you passed the test to become a contributor. When you just posted an article thats flamboyant, incorrect, and unnecessary.

JOLLY14272d ago

someone is so enamored by Giant Enemy Crab, that they wanted to mimmick them and start a new account. Seriously dud, you are a crapping loser.

Twizlex4272d ago

Where does the author say it's incorrect?

power of Green 4272d ago

News update from the site.

"UPDATE: Some articles about FarCry 2’s resolution have been brought to my attention, but upon reviewing them, I don’t think anything has changed. Articles mentioning the native resolution of the game, on PS3 and 360, as being 720p are only talking about the native resolution, and I made no mention of native resolutions. It is irrelevant. Yes, both consoles run the game at 720p native resolution. The 360 can upscale it to 1080p, but the PS3 does not do so naturally. While it may be possible to “trick” your PS3 into outputting in 1080p, the game itself does not actively support it. Many PS3 games that I have seen clearly show that they support 1080p, not necessarily natively, on the back of the box — FarCry 2 is not one of them.

I find it odd that if the PS3 could support 1080p on all games that it is not mentioned on the game’s case. Requiring customers to resort to some backdoor trick to achieve what is supposed to be built in to the console and that other games (on both 360 and PS3) more clearly support — it’s ridiculous.

I explicitly said that the game likely plays just as well, so I don’t know what the fuss is about. Sony has clearly done it’s job convincing some people that the PS3 is obviously superior, but I’m still left wondering why they wouldn’t help advertise that on the games themselves."

she00win994272d ago

this the first time a give GiantEnemyCrap a bubble

nonAsianDroid4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

well you should cause GiantEnemyCrap turned into a masterpiece of a game right?


who ever that acount belongs to is really dissing the ps3

dumbass droids.

WOW what an honor my - bubble was the last one to bring him down to 4

lawman11084272d ago

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahah ...........hahahahahahahahahaha ha.......hahahahahahahaha...... .....hahahahaahahhaha

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Jack Bauer4272d ago

i dont see this post going well...

elshimiablo4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Both versions support 720p native MAX

Ubi montreal themselves confirmed this

FC2 is 720p on both consoles


NO_PUDding4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

I was gonna say. no free roamign game coudl be 1080p on any damn console.

Haha, Ripten.

Anyway, lets wait for comapriosn vids!

Nostradavis4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )


Please humor me and show me this confirmation you speak of?

@No Pudding,

If the PS3 version could support 1080 like the 360, why not say so on the box? They say this on the box for the PS3 version of FaceBreaker.

Look, I own both consoles and I haven't bought a game for my 360 in over 3 months because I refuse to play the damn thing until they fix all the hardware issues. That aside, I see no reason why (if they can do it) that they don't label the box such

Parapraxis4272d ago

You have absolutely no idea what "native" means when referring to video output do you?

Maybe have some knowledge on the subject before speaking.

Fox014272d ago

Just face it, the PS3 s***cks and at equal development time you get better results from the 360 (yes, I'm looking at you Killzone 2).

pwnsause4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

no, thats what happens when you don't port from PC to PS3, instead porting from PC to 360. After 2 years, AFTER 2 YEARS of PS3 Developers stating to other Developers that the only way to develop on PS3 is to make PS3 lead or port from PC>PS3>360, Developers refuse to do so and these are the consequences.

This is why EA got S**ted on by PS3 gamers last year. if Multiplatform games like Dead Space and Burnout Perform equally on both consoles, why dont developers see that and go that route? Even Factor 5 stated this when they were developing for PS3 with Lair.

And BTW Farcry 2 on consoles is 720p native. the 360 version upscales it to 1080p. the PS3 can upscale to 1080p as well, but this is an example of "lazy Developers" who just wants to make a quick buck on what they are doing, and not completing the job on making the game better on that platform.

Burnout Paradise was a game that got patched recently to allow PS3 upscaling to 1080p. its not that hard to develop on the PS3 if you develop on that platform first or port it from the PC version. Devil May Cry 4 was PC lead BTW, and look how the PS3 version compares to the 360 version, the PS3 version was superior to the 360 version. so as i said before, WHY SO LAZY?

sushipoop4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

And Ripten the idiots strike again! Far Cry 2 runs at 720p native for both console versions. 1080p upscaled is not true 1080p. Please get your facts straight.

Halo 3 supported 1080p. What was the true resolution for that one? 640p. I'm not surprised to see Twizlex post something as idiotic as this. Everyone at Ripten is brainless.

sonarus4272d ago

Game runs at 720p on all consoles

gambare4272d ago

let's not forget that the 360 can upscale the game video signal even if the game doesn't support 1080p, a true 1080p... well... everyone notice the difference. But bot games are 720p native.

yamamoto1144272d ago

The internet yet again fails to understand the difference between rendered resolution and upscaled resolution.

SlyGuy4272d ago

but this is such a BS article. LOL.

I thought by now everyone knew that the 360 puts all resolutions on the back of their game box (including UPSCALED 1080p).

The PS3 usually indicates only the NATIVE resolutions supported.

In a way, Sony is just being more HONEST!

jackdoe4272d ago

Nostradavis, you know the difference between upscaling and native resolutions, yes?

4272d ago
aceitman4272d ago

that started when ms put out the 1080p option they all play in 1080p if you have hdmi cable and 1080p tv to put it on that is also how gametrailers do there side by side comparison show 360 1080p show ps3 in 720p wala thats how some 360 games look a little better and some look the same cause the way they show them this is old news that must be his first 360 game or the 1st time he looked at the back of the box

sushipoop4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Ripten = The new Kotaku. Searching for hits by writing false garbage. Keep up the great work!

cherrypie4272d ago

"If the PS3 version could support 1080 like the 360, why not say so on the box? They say this on the box for the PS3 version of FaceBreaker"

Exactly. You simply dont make a mistake with such things. FarCry 2 runs at 1080p on Xbox 360 and only 720p on the PS3 -- the darn boxes say so(!).

SlyGuy4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

I do believe the PS3 upscales to 1080p. Just leave that as the only option ticked off on the PS3 and wala! 1080p upscaling!

I do not use it because my tv does a better job at upscaling games than the PS3.

Someone can easily take a screenshot of BOTH PS3 and 360 versions upscaled to 1080p!

Pika-pie4272d ago


Great comparison, we dont need to play the games anymore, lets just read the back of the boxes!

thewhoopimen4272d ago

There is a hardware upscaler on the ps3. It's been talked about this past year.

The ps3 can default upscale to 1080p as well... but it isn't labeled on the box because it isn't considered native.

morganfell4272d ago

The article has been revised. It now says, "Ripten Owned...Again."

robotnik4272d ago

Dan Landis doesnt know shiit about upscaling, his article is full disinformation.

vhero4272d ago

another fanboy article its not 1080p true on the 360 though just upscaled i for one am sick to death of all these fake articles and if these are the only ones MS can win these days then they are in trouble. Come on lets talk about decent ones I mean MS does actually have a few aces up there sleeve like fable and gears lets talk abolut them rather than comparing multi platform games I amongst probably 90% of the people on here probably dont give a crap about multiplatform games and which one looks slightly better on which console as we have already decided which console we are going to buy it on for a completly different reason e.g. they only have one console (no way someone would go out and buy a 360 because the 360 version of farcry 2 has slighly better graphics which is DOESNT!) which renders this article pointless get real.

Kain814272d ago

see the cover: 1080p for every Game even Halo3 that runs with 630p
this is lieing in The FACE

But some Bots believe this.

Kain814272d ago

its a total fake. here are too many Bots these Days.

Tarasque4272d ago

Here we go again, boohoo i will not buy this crappy port boohoo they are just lazy devs boohoo looks like MS paid them off to gimp the Ps3 version boohoo.

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski4272d ago

Far Cry 2 is NATIVE 720p

Xbox always lists all available resolutions INCLUDING UPSCALED on the box. I'm looking at Halo 3 right now and it lists 480i/480p/72p/1080i/1080p. Halo 3 is NATIVE 520p (or something similar) but the 360 UPSCALES it all the way to 1080p. It's like when you buy an up-converting DVD player. You put in standard DVDs that are NATIVE 480i and the DVD player UPSCALES it to 720p/1080i/p. I prefer native resolution over upscaled, as do most videophiles.

I have DirecTV HD and I have the option to switch between 720p and 1080i and they look the same besides the 1080i having some minor flickering(i = interlaced). 720p and 1080p are VERY similar; it's obvious not like the jump from SD to HD.


Far Cry to is native 720p on 360 and PS3 but the 360 upscales it. Does upscaling something 720p to 1080p make a noticeable difference? Yes, but barely. If you sat down almost any PS3/360 player and showed them Far Cry 2 in 720p and upscaled 1080p side-by-side almost nobody would be able to tell the difference. In most cases the native resolution looks as good or better than the upscaled version, mostly do to poor processing/rendering.

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski4272d ago

Hey check out this link!

It proves this Ripten article is BS!

GameDev4272d ago

RELAX, FC:2 IS A HORRIBLE GAME ON BOTH CONSOLES, THE VOICE ACTING IS THE WORST OF ANY GAME THIS GENERATION, and that includes the low budget titles. Hell it even has worse voice acting than vampire rain. The graphics aside from the incredible jungle rendering are just mediocre and nothing to get excited about.

Crytek REALLY dropped the ball with this one.

Jamegohanssj54272d ago

That's weird as I heard that the PS3 version ran a bit smoother than the 360's.


Real Gambler4272d ago

But the true fault belong to Microsoft. They use the fact that most kids do not know the difference between native and upscaled resolution, so they put upscale resolution on all their games. Even worst than that, many HDTV do better upscaling than the XBOX itself, so if these kids ever buy a good hdtv, they are screwed because they will let the 360 do the upscaling instead of their TV, which is really sad. They could get a better picture by trusting their tv and they don't know about it.

As far as the real native resolution goes, I would wait for the expert to come up with it. So far Quaz51, who's usually a reference is claiming that the PS3 is 1080p (but not 1920X1080P, only 960X1080P so Sony could not put 1080P on the box since it's not TRUE 1080P) and is also confirming that the 360 version is only 720P. Still, this is not official yet, so I would wait before you or me make a fool of ourselves.

anh_duong4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

now you can understand why there are crazy extremist nutcases who fly planes into buildings when you have got a whole bunch of people here who can get so worked up on a resolution difference that even a perfectly trained eye can't even see.

sony/microsoft = the religion
gaming journalist = clerics
fanboys = matyrs

my contention is not with the faboys but with the journalists who perpetuate these sort of hit-whoring imflamatory articles.

rexor07174272d ago

I was watching some Gears of War 2 footage...Uncharted still looks better. Ouch. End this madness.

aliveinboston4272d ago

PS3 version runs at a higher resolution according to Beyond3d's Quaz51 (respected by both "sides" of the console war).

Far Cry 2 on

PS3: 1.04M pixels/frame (960x1080)
360: 9.22M pixels/frame (1280x720)

They both have upscaled 1080P output but neither is true native 1080P.

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PoSTedUP4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

hdmi 1.3 supports 720p : )

so does that mean every game thats 720p on 360 is gimped cause hdmi 1.2 doesnt support it? XD

or does that mean if you only have a 720p t.v. all your 360 games are gimped cause hdmi 1.2 doesn't support it?? XD

gimped my ass... ^thats why ps3 IS a "true" HD console^

GUNS N SWORDS4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

you can get up to 1080p (including 720p) on component and even VGA.

it's up to your TV whether or not it accepts it.


among the minor revisions stated in the hdmi 1.3/1.3a spec, it's the support for X-HD resolutions that 1.2 doesn't have. but i don't think we'll see either console actually utilize those anytime soon:) and it's getting even harder to find 1080p games on BOTH consoles, since resolution is often the FIRST thing developers cut back on to make their games bigger or better somehow.

PoSTedUP4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

im comparing the specs of hdmi 1.2 to the specs of hdmi 1.3 : )

hdmi 1.2 (xbox360's) only supports 1080p, anything else is downscale and not native whether it be the t.v. or the game

hdmi 1.3 (ps3's) supports 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p etc. all native without being down scaled.

watch who your calling bulls*** on homie ; )

i think you miss understood me too though.

Statix4272d ago

Far Cry 2 on PS3 effed me personally up the as*, because it doesn't support 1080i/p (upscaled) output. My TV is slightly older-generation, made by SONY in fact, and doesn't support 720p. Therefore, I'm forced to play FC2 and many other PS3 games downscaled to 480p. :(

I just wish so much that the PS3 had an internal hardware scaler that can do 1080i/p (upscaled) for every game like the 360 does.

Utalkin2me4272d ago

Maybe he can't get it through his thick skull, component cables do the exact, i mean the exact same thing as HDMI. Component output all resolution including 1080p, no difference in quality or anything.

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Parapraxis4272d ago

upscaled 720p =/= true 1080p, it's upscaled in the case of many 360 games, i suspect this is another.

i_like_ff74272d ago

Massive Facepalm....Farcry 2 isnt 1080p on either console....Halo's 3 packaging says 1080p when it runs at subpar 640p. Its just ms's packaging dumb Riptens...

Nostradavis4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Oh noez! There they go again trying to be bigger than they're not. Apparently Microsoft has the smarter packaging designer. Maybe Sony should hire him as well.

Edit: I am staring at the packing for the PS3 version for FaceBreaker, and the back reads 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. So the assumption that is a Sony guideline of sorts is false.

In other words, FaceBreaker on the PS3 supports not only 1080i but 1080p.

Ninja-Sama4272d ago

This article is fail on so many levels it's not even funny. Why write an article about resolution when you obviously don't know the difference between native res as opposed to upscaled res.

Ripten shud fire the noob who wrote that article.