Xbox Live Gold Is Good But Needs To Improve

Xbox Live is one of the original online services in console gaming. While the service is great, there are a few things that need to change to bring the service in line with the competition.

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Cueil116d ago

I'm not sure what a policy issue has to do with how good Xbox Live is. No one was criticizing PSN for cross play because that was a policy issue not a service issue.

CarlDechance114d ago

Yeah, the article title doesn't match what the article is saying.

DarkVoyager116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

“Xbox Live Gold Is Good But Needs To Improve“

Not locking F2P games behind a paywall would be a good start.

MasterCornholio116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I agree. While I didn't wish for any service to have a subscription requirement just to play online, FTP games should always be completely free to play.

If Xbox fans complain enough maybe they can change Microsoft's policies on FTP games.

kreate114d ago

I'm pretty sure these days, u can be a Playstation fan and complain to change Xbox policies just like how Xbox fans were able to change Playstation policies.

MasterCornholio114d ago (Edited 114d ago )


I don’t think Xbox fans on N4G changed Sony’s policies. I believe it was a joint effort between gamers (in general) and publishers that helped Sony change their policies. Mind you crossplay was never the issue it was crossplay with the competitions systems that bothered them.

NicholasDownieTIC116d ago

That's the first thing listed in the article. It's redundant if you need to pay to play "free to play." It's an issue that needs to be addressed.

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darthv72116d ago

One step at a time. It took MS a bit to finally open up things like Netflix and internet explorer and youtube to silver members. F2P games are likely next.

TheCommentator115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Agreed! That is the most important place for them to start. One could argue that most people already have XBL Gold anyways so it's not a big deal, but they'd be missing the point. Free is free and Gold should not be required regardless.

TheCommentator115d ago

Liqu1d, if there's anything you'd like to talk with me about now that the discussion is relevant to F2P games here's your chance... but please don't call me a hypocrite again because you assumed too much.

Liqu1d114d ago

Lol, you try to hard. You're a hypocrite and posting this one comment purely to try and defend yourself does not prove otherwise. Everyone knows you guys won't kick up a fuss about free games being behind a paywall because MS can do no wrong.

TheCommentator114d ago

Thanks for the response, Liqui1d, but you try too hard not to believe that people can be objective and still prefer one console over the other.

TekoIie115d ago

How about not locking any games behind a paywall?

paintedgamer1984115d ago

I know right? Ms gotta step their game up

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Godmars290115d ago

As if once upon a time Facebook access on the system was behind the paywall. XBL Silver was a thing but quietly phased out.

MS's been considering the service angle from day one with the only indicators that its the wrong way to go being when they tried and as soon dropped fees for PC, then the reverse with the XB1 launch.

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FallenAngel1984116d ago

“Xbox Live Gold has always been a requirement to play games online, one of the big pushes that PlayStation had during the early days of the PS3 was that their online was completely free to use. Unfortunately, PSN at the time was very insecure and a large hack knocked it offline for a prolonged period of time.”

Xbox Live also got hacked, even moreso than PSN last gen.

Xbox Live also had an 11-13 day outage during the 2007 Christmas season. Microsoft later gave away Undertow as compensation for XBL’s outage.

Xbox Live was not the perfect service then, and it was even more apparent since you had to pay for it.

“To PlayStation’s credit, after that, a lot of resources were funneled into the service, and when PlayStation 4 launched with mandatory PS+ membership for online play, the differences between Xbox Live and PS Plus were almost unnoticeable.”

There were still many things PSN did that XBL didn’t during the 7th gen like not locking half the functionality of the console behind a paywall and allowing consumers to play region free digital content.

NicholasDownieTIC116d ago

This isn't an argument of which was better. Plus in your argument you completely gloss over the 23 day outage that had over 77 million accounts information exposed which many would consider a huge breach. Neither system was perfect, but Xbox Live had the better reputation last generation.

Plus the focus of the piece is to improve Xbox Live, considering neither PSN or Xbox Live have these issues anymore it's a plus for all of us.

116d ago
FallenAngel1984116d ago

Yeah but the article made it sound like being a paid service made it a better service. Even though XBL’s outages and hacks last gen weren’t as severe as PSN’s they were still present and on a paid service at that and shouldn’t be neglected.

If you talk about the issues with one service it only makes sense to talk about the same issues present on the other service.

Imalwaysright115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Are you really comparing those with the PSN hack? A hack that had their network out for a month? A hack that Sony apologised us for and gave us two games because of it? A hack that led to Sony being found guilty of negligence and fined for not doing everything they could to protect their costumers information including credit card details? I don't know if I should laugh or facepalm myself.

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XiNatsuDragnel116d ago

Get rid of F2P with gold paywall. That's not F2P but Free when Paid

Kribwalker116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

they should all get rid of paid MP honestly. We are sharing servers with PC Players, who don’t pay a dime, no one should have to pay for MP at all anymore

but yes, FTP shouldn’t have paywalls

Imalwaysright115d ago

Exactly. We are paying (well not me) for the "priviledge" of accessing servers they do not provide or maintain aka every third party game that we pay for. It boggles my mind how we came to accept such a disgraceful anti-consumer practice that exists only to line up the pockets of multi billion $ companies.

SuperSaiyanGod41114d ago

I think Microsoft will get rid of the pay wall for f2p games soon but I doubt any of big 3 will get rid of a subscription fee since it's already too deep into them making alot of their income from it.

Only way I can see it happening is if Microsoft does it first which they can because they obviously can live with a loss from that and would force the other 2 to follow suit. The problem with this though is a double edged sword because say it does happen, then u can expect tons of micro transaction to be added into games to make up for all of this in my opinion.

alb1899115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Gamepass should be the new Xbox live gold.

Smokehouse115d ago

I like that idea. Online play is free but the sub gives you the game pass. That’s fair in my view but no board member would ever agree to that. That’s throwing money in the toilet to them.

King_Noctis115d ago

Maybe they should bundle both together at a reduced price. That would sell very well.

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