Microsoft and Sony Should Pay Attention to Nintendo Directs

A love for Nintendo aside, Nintendo Directs are the best way to announce games. Should other companies adopt that method for news too?

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FallenAngel19841702d ago

No they don’t. More third party publishers still put their games on PS4 & XO that Sony and Microsoft don’t need to have frequent ND style series, especially when they have PSX(well not this year) & Xbox Show

King_Noctis1702d ago

So less announcement and show about game is a good thing now?

Gemmol1702d ago

Every company have games with a story showing a direct not gonna make the story spoil

FallenAngel19841702d ago

Sony still attends more conferences than Nintendo does, and more major multiplats get announced for XO than NS.

So it’s really not a big deal for either of them to have something like a Nintendo Direct

TekoIie1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


That's wonderful and all but none of it actually addresses what the Nintendo Direct can accomplish.

The one extremely clever thing about the Direct style show is that you have no idea what is going to be shown and that it can often expose people to a game they would never have seen had it not been in that Direct presentation. It also makes people watch a trailer for a low profile title because people are hoping something big will follow.

When MS or Sony attempt the same on a big stage (typically indies) they're usually bashed for it because people are only interested in the big reveals/announcements. When the same is done in a presentation people are fine with it so the style definitely has advantages over a big stage.

SuperSonic911702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Sony can't even contain and show the huge amount of games in all their shows ... LOL.
and 30 minutes for just one game?
Sony can't even give agame 3 seconds in their shows LOL
And Sony has more events to show PS4 games than Nibtendo

King_Noctis1702d ago

Actually Sony can’t show their games alot because most of their games are story-based. You’ll run the risk of spoiling the game if you show it too much.

Gemmol1702d ago

As of 2018 Nintendo been to every event Sony been 2017 Nintendo a different case but as of this year Nintendo more aggressive .
If you did a look up you would of seen Nintendo did a lot of events this year

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AspiringProGenji1702d ago

The last thing we need is nintendo fanboys swarming the Internet saying MS and Sony copied them. Oh wait I just made a comment in a forum. I must have copied Nintendo as well

G3ng4r1702d ago

Haha, it's okay. You didn't copy nintendo, you're just a hyperbolic fanboy yourself. Being mad that an older brand set industry standards is a guaranteed lose.

TheGamez1001702d ago

I like em too, but press conferences are still great. Directs directly give you announcement after announcements whereas conferences go into more details with devs speaking, theres a huge crowd to see their reactions, a demo can be showed off, etc. Both are great.

Sm00thNinja1702d ago

Yeah no. Only if it's in addition to the shows they also do yearly

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