Report: The Last of Us 2 Release Date Set for 2019 According to Official PlayStation Music Channel

The PlayStation Music YouTube channel lists The Last of Us 2 release date as in "2019!" Read on for more details.

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HaveSumNuts47d ago

Bit of a Captain obvious article we got here

AspiringProGenji47d ago

My life depends on the release of this game

100_SavAGe47d ago

Why you getting disagrees?

chiefJohn11746d ago

Because his life doesn't depend on it

DrumBeat46d ago

Because let's face it. That was very corny.

jaycptza46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

are you infected bro? (cocks shot gun)

ClayRules201246d ago

Lol, come on Genji, I know you (as well as many others) are excited for TLoU2, as I am. But our lives don’t depend on this game. I do hope I don’t die before it releases tho.

DrumBeat46d ago

Agreed. I mean, if I suddenly develop ass cancer (life happens that way) you can be damn sure I'm going to contact Sony and Naughty Dog and plead for a copy of whatever they've got.

jagermaster61946d ago

What a 🐎... I was looking for a Jackass but this one has two meanings haha.

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DigitalHope47d ago

I already have it pre my heart

Crazyglues47d ago

@ DigitalHope

I got you beat, I already have the money sitting on my PSN account just waiting to click add to cart and Buy Now the second it hits the PlayStation store... LoL

So pumped for this game, can't wait...

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The story is too old to be commented.