Before Red Dead Redemption there was Red Dead Revolver - how Rockstar saved a failing Capcom project

The franchise we all know of today had humble origins. How Red Dead Revolver eventually made its way Rockstar Games is a fun and convoluted story, and all the juicy details have been spilled in the latest video from People Make Games.

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bigmalky51d ago

Red Dead Revolver was a great game.

Gaming4Life198151d ago

Exactly red dead revolver was great and wasn't a failure.

optimus51d ago

this little tidbit on red dead revolver was quite intriguing, then again, i find the history behind games told in a documentary style quite fascinating...there are quite a few floating around, some you can catch on Netflix, even on of the best I've seen so far is the history of Atari and the digging of the infamous E.T. dump site.

EazyC51d ago

Yep, even the YouTube ones are usually quite fascinating. Shame I like learning the history of companies, movies and videogames, and not something more intellectual like the Roman Empire or Renaissance. Oh well!

psuedo51d ago

If you found that the best one look up history of GTA, rockstar, doom videos on YouTube.

optimus51d ago

except for rockstar games those are all for 1 game in specific. i was talking more in general, the birth of a company through its trials and tribulations. how certain games influence other genres, the real stories of employees leaving to work on other games (i.e, kojima leaving konami), and so forth....

I'm not saying stories behind particular games aren't any good, only that a general evaluation about the company itself is more interesting to me cause you can learn a thing or two about business.

Rhezin51d ago

Definitely in the minority here, but I really preferred Red Dead Revolver over the GTA style Redemption.

Profchaos51d ago

Yeah I can understand that I personally don't but I did think revolver was pretty special for its time

HylianMigz51d ago

i love Red Dead Revolver “PA!” makes me laugh every time

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