Nintendo apparently created Bowsette before the internet did

In what could only be described as a Shyamalan twist, apparently Nintendo created the concept of Bowsette before the internet did.

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SuperSonic91114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Oh it's nother case of "Oh mighty Nintendo did it first" mentality by Nintendo loyalists.

Won't take long for a Nintendo copyright strike.

Nebaku114d ago

Ironically, you make more comments about supposed Nintendo Loyalists here, than they do themselves. It's your own inferiority complex mentality you should be worried about.

SuperSonic91111d ago

Its called due dilligence and public service to save little kids from retarding effect Nintendo has on kids.

annoyedgamer114d ago

Fanboys do this for all companies.

SuperSonic91111d ago

Dude Nintendo fanbois are notorious for this like Apple fanbois.

GameBoyColor114d ago

You just mad sonic games irrelevant.

SuperSonic91111d ago

Sonic has done his job a long time ago and that was to break Nintendo's monopoly of the gaming industry. Job well done. This account is just to remind people of that. He is just chilling down to enjoy the benefits.

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paintedgamer1984114d ago

Must be a slow news day. I hope more Metroid Prime 4 news comes soon. Hell, id settle for a remaster of 1, 2, and 3 on switch

Sirk7x114d ago

I'd settle for a 2D collection too. Bundle Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Super Metroid and Fusion together. That'd be kickass.

paintedgamer1984114d ago

Agreed, Metroid is my fav Nintendo i.p. as even on here my thumb nail is of Samus lol. Theres so much they can do with a new prime game. Im also hyped for the new Luigi's Mansion. I used to be a huge Nintendo fanboy so i hope next year they can deliver with 1st partys. Ohh and Shin Megami Tensei V :)

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