Man of Medan Is Only the Beginning for Supermassive Games

If you've been itching for a new horror anthology franchise, Supermassive Games has got your back. The studio's upcoming game Man of Medan is only the first in a planned long line of games that will cover potentially every horror sub-genre.

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Fist4achin1586d ago

Cool. Looking forward to more titles from supermassive! I loved Until Dawn.

notachance1585d ago

nice, looking forward to play it

but I'm probably just gonna wait until the inevitable "collection" edition

thejigisup1585d ago

Trying not to make telltale comparisons. It's a huge undertaking, hope they knock it out of the park and develop a good formula for these shortened experiences.

AK911585d ago

I absolutely love that their making an anthology series but releasing two games a year? I’m not too sure about that.