Crackdown 3 Has Made Progress, But There’s Still More Work To Do – Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer:
"I was playing a full build yesterday. Nice work by the team, more work to do but good progress, my agent felt like the wrecking machine I enjoy :-)"

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XiNatsuDragnel113d ago

I can't wait to see if this is so Phil.

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I can see the X box heads fake hype and faking the pump for this game. 😂

thexmanone113d ago

Mommy always said say no too drugs.

TheCommentator113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

It's a generic tweet that says we're still working on it and it feels like the other games. You honestly consider that to be hype?

Suave_Langosta113d ago

I dont think the game will be all that good, but I am excited to see what it offers, but yeah as an xbox fan I am rather disappointed in how this game has been handled.

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LordJamar113d ago

To trash it and start controversy right? Not to try it

XiNatsuDragnel113d ago

I'm waiting for a gameplay trailer or gameplay of the game isn't that wrong?

ActualWhiteMan113d ago

I still think you’re a bot.

lelo2play113d ago

I'm surprised they still haven't cancelled this game. Must have wasted a ton of money developing all these years...

Nyxus113d ago

It would be too embarrassing for them to cancel it now, after all those years of hype.

KickSpinFilter113d ago

We saw game play after E3 2017. It was horrible unfortunately.
At the start of this gen Crackdown 3, Inside, Quantum Break, had me rather pumped for XB but with what we have seen of CD 3, an ok QB, and a stellar Inside that ended up going to PS4 anyway. I never "jumped In". Sony on the other hand has been mind boggling how many killer exclusives they had along with a really new way to play with PSVR.

cabbitwithscissors113d ago

This looks more to be a technology demo than an actual game, to showcase their so-called cloud processing and capabilities, cuz if they were to have concentrated on it as being a game first, it would have launched much earlier. Bets on that this is going to fail as a game, mediocre at best.

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PhoenixUp113d ago

I don’t envy this gaming coming right after previous critical XO exclusive hit Forza Horizon 4, especially how dry exclusive critical hits on the console were before that title this year.

rainslacker112d ago

There's like 5 Months separating the releases of the games. I don't think the games will affect one another. Game will probably get played through game pass, but the prerelease hype won't mean much if the game isn't also good

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slate91113d ago

Man, I'm rooting for this game. It will be a huge positive for Phil and team if it turns out to be a critical success for xbox.

badz149113d ago

too similar to Too Human last gen IMO

BlackTar187108d ago

Me and my buddy must be the only ones who liked too human

frostypants113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

95% of its hype was about how it was supposed to be a showcase for cloud computing and what it could do for the original Xbox One. I don't think it's going to be that at all, and they're frantically trying to improve other aspects of the game to make up for it.

Vizigoth04113d ago

Yeah, I guess. Something like that. If it take 4 or 5 years to develop one game because of the cloud helping with performance, then what a total waste of resources and time. Especially if it ends up selling like crap. Perhaps they focused so much in graphics and flashies and destruction that they forget to implement a story.

Atticus_finch113d ago

This game is already a let down right after the fact they couldn't live up to the cloud hype.

Rare113d ago

I think you mean cloud deception.. They knew from the get go they were manipulating gamers. It amazes me that anyone can support this company after they tried to kill physical games.. Microsoft gaming division disgusts me.

AngelicIceDiamond113d ago

Now I'm having doubts it'll release on time and yet will suffer another delay.

frostypants113d ago

I've been skeptical that it will ever be released at all for a couple of years now.

Kitt92113d ago

Phil said it won’t get another delay regardless of it’s ready or not

trooper_112d ago

Phil said lots of things, and yet nothing happened.

zivtheawesome113d ago

Eurogamer's sources told them MS ain't allowing another delay. it's release or cancel at this point.