Should Microsoft make an 'Xbox Classic?' Here are some pros and cons.

Both Nintendo and Sony are creating miniaturized versions of their first-ever consoles. Should Microsoft do the same for Xbox users?

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112d ago
PhoenixUp112d ago

I don’t see why Microsoft would since Xbox One can naturally play a lot of Xbox games

Sgt_Slaughter111d ago

Speaking of which, hopefully they speed up the process of adding newer titles. I know it's not a priority in the grand scheme of things but finding Xbox games in the wild and realizing they're compatible is a great feeling.

Chris12112d ago

Selling old hardware with limited functionality and a small range of games for a high price? Good god no.

111d ago
strayanalog112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Interesting, but no, and for two reasons: First, the original Xbox isn't old enough to warrant that, at least in my opinion. And lastly, backwards compatibility is, as I see it, one of their aces that separates them from their competitors. I mean, neither of the other two can play the actual older gen game on their system, so why try to ruin that? There really is no need to split up what they're trying to establish with their backlog.

111d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.