Microsoft Exec: Game Pass Creates New Fans and Drives Engagement, European Uptake Has Been Strong

Aaron Greenberg speaks about Game Pass’ increasing popularity in Europe.

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zsquaresoff386d ago

Can we have actual numbers for all these 'great sales and great upswing momentum' talk?

Nyxus386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

70 million miles of rubber burned in Forza.

xHeavYx386d ago

PlayStation fan here. The only reason I'm getting an Xbox One X in 2 weeks is because of game pass. Still getting multiplat games on PS4 because I prefer it, but there is no denial that game pass is an incredible value for people who never owned an Xbox before

DarkVoyager386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

“Microsoft Exec: Game Pass Creates New Fans and Drives Engagement, European Uptake Has Been Strong“

Why not just put Greenberg in the headline?

I don’t believe a word that comes from this guy. Why not show the numbers for this uptake?

Just more PR from Greenberg is all this is.

PhoenixUp386d ago

“Microsoft has pioneered something truly special with its subscription based service, giving consumers access to a vast, vast library of games (that just keeps on growing) for very reasonable prices, and people have responded to it spectacularly.”

PlayStation Now say hi

ImGumbyDammit386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Still not exactly close. Unless Sony permanently drops the PSNow price to $10 from $20/month you still will end up paying double GamePass for something most people on the system will never use, streaming, all just to get PS3 BC.

PlayAnywhere. Sure you could stream PSNow games on a PC if you like 720p, 30fps, artifacts, and a strange does/does not have lag issues that vary from person to person. But, PlayAnywhere games will give the ability to play the actual game locally, eg Forza 4 Horizon on your PC if you have GP.

Sony doesn't even have enough faith in the service to have their first-party PS4 games on the service (Bloodborne and GOW 3 remasted, that is really it for AAA first-party games). Say "hi" when games like Uncharted 4 that are several years old or HZD which has run its course for sales is on the system

Still can't play (and never will) PS3 games locally (just still streamed and 720p, 30fps max, artifacts, and lag issues).

No 0-day releases. Come back and have PSNow say "hi" when a game like the upcoming Days Gone is released on the service day-one like Forza Horizon 4 and other Xbox games have/will be for the MS Game Pass service. Which is the whole point of this article and why even ignoring the price, lack of first party and no PS3 local play issues of PSnow, Game Pass beats PSNow just taking into consideration only this one issue, 0-day releases.

386d ago
fiveby9386d ago

MS will release a streaming service in the next couple of years. And The Xbots will change their tune. Not saying I am a huge fan of streaming games, but I can say I have a great internet connection and PSNow works very well for me.

parris386d ago

My internet is only 30/3 and PSNow works perfectly for me, no lag or artifacts. And I can play games on my older laptop on the go.

PSNow has been awesome for me, well worth it.

rainslacker386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Sony doesn't put their games up there day one, because they are making AAA games, and so far, MS hasn't put any AAA games up on their service. Forza games are AAA quality, but they're rehashes every year, which cost significantly less to develop.

If putting up games on the caliber of MS mid-tier games is what we get for day one PSNow, I'd say I'm fine with them not doing it when the choice is games on the caliber of GOW, Horizon, or Spider-Man. The next Halo and Gears of War would be the big test for MS, but one big game a year....if hardly worth a compelling comparison between PSNow and GP.

At the same time, Sony hasn't been releasing games which have a large MT model attached to them, which MS has. They back peddled on SoT, but they were originally meant to be there, and according to MS, will come at some point down the line.

Anyhow, I don't expect MS to keep Game Pass at $10 a month. I think $15-20 is more likely going forward. But isn't the yearly price the same?

Obscure_Observer385d ago (Edited 385d ago )


Your attempts at downplaying Forza Horizon 4 day one on Game Pass is pathetic. You should be ashamed. You´re the one who said Microsoft wouldn´t even put AAA games day one on Game Pass to begin with!

Now here you are telling people that one AAA game a year isn´t enough. Talking s#!T about how a AAA game like Forza Horizon 4 isn´t expensive when you don´t even know how much its development costs are.

You simply can´t give Microsoft any credit. Not that is needed, mind you. Another Playstation gamer (Who used to be very vocal against Xbox) is getting an Xbox One X because of Game Pass as he stated on this very comment section. He´s not the only one here on N4G who did it and his decision to purchase and Xbox One X alonside with a GP subscription only shows how Phil Spencer manage to turn things around for good regarding Xbox.

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AngelicIceDiamond386d ago

I was waiting for someone to say this. PS NOW wasn't saying hi before, nobody was even talking about it until Sony made the update. Its sad you have a extremely hard time giving credit where its due.

DarkVoyager386d ago (Edited 386d ago )


“Its sad you have a extremely hard time giving credit where its due.”

Gamepass wouldn’t even exist if Microsoft games were selling well. It’s basically a last resort to boost the player base of their GaaS games.

386d ago
AngelicIceDiamond386d ago

"And if you want to tit for tat Microsoft copied PS+ giving out free games" I know and I applaud and thank Sony for challenging MS to do right by its customers.

KickSpinFilter386d ago

Well, PSNow is better with physical downloads now, but I still ain't gonna use it.

King_Noctis386d ago


So are you saying that they shouldn’t have implemented any measures in order to save their console and not kill it just like Sony did with the Vita?

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PhoenixUp386d ago

It’s an on demand gaming service. Of course one started as all streaming while the other started downloable, but that doesn’t take away from the fact PS Now brought on demand gaming to consoles.

PlayAnywhere is more analogous to Cross-Buy which also originated on Sony systems. Why dafuq are you comparing that to a subscription service?

All those other points just sound like nitpicks to discredit the fact Microsoft didn’t pioneer this idea.

Kribwalker386d ago

And you are speaking like Sony Pioneered this.

I don’t know if you are too young to remember way back in 1994 when sega released “Sega Channel” which was a on demand game service provided through the cable outlet from your wall.

If you wanna give credit where it’s due, then give it where it’s due 😉

386d ago
AngelicIceDiamond386d ago

Once again you're deflecting and making excuses not giving credit where its due. How is it that I'm able to give credit to Sony with PSN+ to challenge MS to up their game with service offerings. Not just the free games but heavily discount games that are "steal" prices all that was Sony and I thank them for challenging MS to give better offering through XbL its easy for me to give credit where its due but you can't, Is there a "pride" thing or what? Will you hurt Sony's feelings if you do so? Like honestly whats wrong with you?

"Why dafuq are you comparing that to a subscription service?" Maybe because you compared the two first??

PhoenixUp386d ago

I’m saying someone came up with this idea before Microsoft did, thus disproving the author’s statement.

Bringing up Sega Channel further illustrates my point. However PS Now is a more applicable service since it’s more accessible and has a wider selection of titles

rainslacker386d ago

So, at least we can say that neither pioneered the idea, but Sony started offering it up last gen, MS within the last year.

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XiNatsuDragnel386d ago

Well I have one question. Can we have tangible numbers with that?

Kribwalker386d ago

Are you an investor? Do you have MS Stocks?
Because does it really matter otherwise?

I’ll tell you what we know. Sea of Thieves has over 5 million players. And according to most people on this site, the majority of those players that have been playing it are through gamepass, so would it be safe to say then there have been at least 5 million people that have at least tried it. I bought a 1 year sub for $70 canadian when they were on sale during E3, so there’s 1 person that’s continuing with the service 😉

XiNatsuDragnel386d ago

I want to know if something truly works or making some fallacious BS out of thin air. Thanks, at least with Sony we get tangible numbers👌😉

386d ago
rainslacker386d ago

What if he is? It's possible anyone on here could buy MS stock. I think part of my 401k has MS within part of its investment portfolio. I'm not a direct investor, but I certainly have a financial interest in them doing well.

Is it really wrong to ask for verification to PR spin? This comment is aimed at the general public, not investors, so if they're addressing the general public, it seems perfectly reasonable for the general public to ask for clarification or qualifying information to be able to extrapolate a real conclusion for oneself.

I know it's hard for some to consider that critical thought is a thing, and that not everyone is willing to just accept whatever PR comment is given....especially when that PR is constantly given with no qualification.

Lime123386d ago

March NPD - Sea of Thieves #2
April NPD - Sea of Thieves #18

Great legs!

Chevalier386d ago


Deflecting aside as usual. No numbers so its kind of meaningless. Numbers are important to put things in perspective. I could say I had 200% increase in sales, but, if I sold 10 copies of a game and got 20 more that 200% looks less impressive. Only gullible idiots don't try to differentiate and ask for numbers. Guess there's one more of those people right there with them aye Krib?

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