Spider-Man and Sunset Overdrive Share a Secret Ingredient

Eurogamer: “Spider-Man and Sunset Overdrive both make you feel - what's the word? Weirdly, I think the word is mischievous. You don't tackle your enemies directly, one-on-one here. Your limitations force you to find the way to tip environments and confrontations in your favour. Both games encourage you to prank your way to victory, with gadgets and gizmos and crazy weapons, sure, but also with a refusal to stay still and play by your enemies' rules. Instead, you play by the game's rules - up high and constantly in motion.“

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CarlDechance114d ago

I am so ready for some Spider-man DLC.

Abnor_Mal113d ago

I'm ready for new game plus.

brando008113d ago

Is the ingredient fun? Every Insomniac game I've played has it.