Scuf Vantage Controller PS4 Unboxing and First Impressions

Scuf has finally released the PlayStation 4’s answer to the Xbox Elite Controller. At least that what Playstation gamers hope. Bad Bit Games host, Joseph goes depth on his on unboxing and under the hood with his impressions of Scuf’s latest offering.

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TGG_overlord851d ago

That's a pretty cool looking controller I have to say.

pyroxxx850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

Don't like asymmetrical stick placement. If for some reason you are having problems with sticks being close,.. Think Nintendo did this best by placing face buttons under the sticks, but still symmetrical,.. Though I just love the feel of normal Dualshock 4. Always like extra buttons , paddles, changing trigger resistances,.. all good stuff 200usd is still steep for me,..