10 Influential Video Games That Changed the Industry Forever and One More Because We Couldn't Decide

In any medium of entertainment, there are works that do more than make a splash with their quality. Thanks to the way they changed up how they present consumers with a story, provided a new method of interacting with the material presented, or otherwise found ways to take games forward, these eleven titles are some of the most influential video games that changed the industry forever.

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basilboxer54d ago

Pokemon? Nah... phenomenon, don't get me wrong, but it hardly influenced game design or anything. Just a mega popular JRPG, mostly because it appealed to kids (including me).

McMahonme754d ago

I'd say that it had a huge influence in the U.S. Maybe not on the development side of things, but when it came to how even people who had never played games at least new about Pokemon games.

ninsigma53d ago

Yeah agreed. Absolutely massive but didn't really impact how other devs make games.

slate9154d ago

I'm surprised Uncharted 2 isn't listed on here. I feel like it revolutionized story telling in games.

Sciurus_vulgaris54d ago

As much as I love Uncharted 2 it did not revolutionize storytelling in games. However, I believe UC 2 mastered the art of the set piece.

53d ago
McMahonme754d ago

Might have just been when I grew up but I'm surprised WoW isn't on here

nucky6454d ago

i'm not going to jump through 11 pages. is demon souls on there? it should be. it started the "souls games".

TheDarkArtisan53d ago

What about the original Doom.. surely that one game kick started the whole First Person genre. And the first ever Tomb Raider, which is the Granddaddy of third person games.. Uncharted, Last Of Us.. and finally, the first Gran Turismo which opened up detailed, customisable racing games with a myriad of cars.

boyyzackk53d ago

Got some good points in there

CorndogBurglar53d ago

One could argue that Doom wouldn't have happened without the success of Wolfenstein 3D.

53d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.