Far Cry Update Version 1.11 Is Out, Patch Notes Detailed

Far Cry 5 has been updated today and new masks, weapons, and vehicles have been added.

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yeahokwhatever110d ago

Never getting another FarCry game again. Primal was the only good one I remember playing. 5 was terrible. WAAAAAAAAAY too easy and repetitive.

TheSaint110d ago

What's funny is that most Far Cry players dislike Primal and think 5 is much better, but hey, you have your opinion too.

CarlDechance110d ago

Primal was the only good one? Far Cry 3 was awesome. 4 was pretty good as well. Primal? Seriously?

5 was definitely the worst in the franchise, imo.

yeahokwhatever109d ago

Primal was awesome. I loved setting the ground on fire and watching flaming bears attack things. 5 is just soooooooooooooooo easy. I don't even think i died once.

yeahokwhatever109d ago

Oh yeah, I did love the cult radio station though. It was creepy in the best way.

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