Sony has caved on Fortnite console cross-play - now what?

From Eurogamer: "Several months ago, on a rainy evening in Birmingham, I loaded up Discord and called my university friends. "Ok guys," I said. "What can we all play together?""

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FallenAngel198420d ago

Let us change our PSN usernames

DarkVoyager20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

“Sony has caved on Fortnite console cross-play - now what?“

How about telling Microsoft to drop the ridiculous Xbox Live Gold requirement to play F2P games such as Fortnite.

darthv7220d ago

Yes, most definitely that should happen. It is called Free 2 Play for a reason.

TheCommentator19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I agree with you, but how about Sony open up console crossplay now for all the multiplatform games that devs want to make that way? They only seem to have done this because they were responsible for locking out people's accounts... and perhaps because the game is too immensely popular to be anti-consumer with.

subtenko19d ago

nah thats not about sony,

now... whats next (sony)? let us play uncharted 4 on xbox and switch!

Army_of_Darkness19d ago

I'd prefer user name change first over this cross play crap.

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lxeasy20d ago

im glad sony surrendered on their stubborn stance with cross play. Now they have to work on their user name rules.

NecrumOddBoy20d ago

Caved? You act like Sony isn't in control here.

UltraNova20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Not only that but Eurogamer conveniently forgot all about Bethesda and their refusal to enable Cross-play in the new Fallout game, a dev that was rather critically vocal against Sony's former stance.

Linktothepast20d ago


Also, now every game journalist and their mother should be condemning MS for locking FREE to play games behind a paywall.

I won't hold my breath.

candystop20d ago

I definitely agree with this paywall Crap. MS needs need I drop it period. Makes no freaking since what so ever robbing it's fans.

timotim20d ago

Why do you think he means a lack of control when he says "caved"? He simply means that Sony reversed it stance which is 100% true and a great thing for gamers everywhere.

Eonjay20d ago

He could have said that. Therefore he means something else.

timotim20d ago

😄😄 He could have also said Sony lacked control...he didn't say that either though haha. My question is why does he feel that's what he meant by the word "caved"? When someone says caved, it usually means that they gave in and changed their position...I've never seen it mean that one lacks control...

Linktothepast20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

timotim and Switch4One

capitulate or submit under pressure; cave in.
"he caved because his position had become untenable"

Submitting to external pressures strongly implies a lack of control.

timotim20d ago


No Sir...being FORCED to change means you lacked control...that wasn't the case here. No one forced Sony to do this. They CHOSE to based off pressure. They were in control this whole time and had the backing of many PS fanboys to remain the only player not to support mass cross-play. However, they simply changed/modified/altered their position, not through force or a lack of control, but their own doing.

Caved does not mean a lack of are reaching with your last statement in your post.

Linktothepast20d ago

Oh tim O tim

You say I'm reaching, but don't actually provide anything to refute the definition and explanation given.

Again, submitting or capitulating (ceasing to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; yielding) to external pressures (things you have no control over) implies a lack of control. If you still can't make that mental connection then I can't help you.

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Switch4One20d ago

Not in control? What the heck do you think caved means?!
Sony stance for a long time was no crossplay and now they have relented due to pressure, ie caved.

Eonjay20d ago

If they weren't in control they wouldn't have the ability to change course so radically. And obviously from reading the statement, they have put a lot of effort into finding a path forward that supports their business. There is no no off the cuff fast reactions happening here. Everything (for better or worse) is calculated and so is this decision.

timotim20d ago


"There is no no off the cuff fast reactions happening here. Everything (for better or worse) is calculated and so is this decision."

🤣🤣 Which means Sony is in control and the caved statement simply means that Sony CHANGED or modified their stance!!! Thank you for proving my point. This isn't about a lack of control, its about reversing ones position...

Eonjay20d ago


They clearly stated in several ways that they changed stance. What is you actual point?

timotim20d ago (Edited 20d ago )


LOL...what is your actual point? I still have yet to get my question answered, which is why does he feel that caved implied a lack of control in this case?

You cant have "calculated decision" and "lack of control" to mean the same thing haha...

Eonjay19d ago


I am absolutely sure I said it already. But since you can't see I will post it again:

"If they weren't in control they wouldn't have the ability to change course so radically. And obviously from reading the statement, they have put a lot of effort into finding a path forward that supports their business. There is no no off the cuff fast reactions happening here. Everything (for better or worse) is calculated and so is this decision."

I never implied anything about the meaning of caved At all. There is something wrong here.

Realms19d ago

How are they not in control they are allowing this to happen at any time they can reverse their stance I would say they are very much in control not only that but so far they are only allowing cross play with it's competitors with Fortnite on a trial basis as far as I know, but sure they caved. LOL

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SuperSonic9120d ago

See how these so called journos epose their true colors. "Surrender", " caved".... Hollywood tabloid stuff.. yuck

20d ago
chiefJohn11719d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Caving doesn't mean lack of control. Caving mean enough ppl got on Sony's nerves to make them go "fine we'll do it, happy now?" That's not lack of control. Pressure doesn't = force

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Godmars29020d ago

You pay for XBL if you only own a PS or Nin console and vise-versa.

The_Sage20d ago

I'm not sure what you mean here. Could you elaborate?

Godmars29019d ago

At some point, once this becomes common enough, someone is going to tie crossplay to their subscription service. Wont ask for a full fee, but it will be something.

SolidGamerX20d ago

I like all these articles that have come out using words like "caved", concern trolls got what they wanted and they're still taking shots at Sony, what a shocker.

Switch4One20d ago

Only people that are involved in imaginary console battles feel that way. If you were a level minded consumer you wouldn't be bothered by the language used here because it is true that Sony caved/relented. Why does it bother you to hear this?

The_Sage20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

You know as well as I do that the term caved has a negative connotation.

If they wanted to simply make a statement about Sony allowing crossplay the should have said Sony has changed its stance on crossplay, or something to that effect.

Switch4One20d ago

But they did cave. This isn't them pioneering a new era, this is them finally budging from their stubborn stance. Anyone who doesn't have stock in this stupid console war can accept the fact that they caved without feeling a ways about it.
Why does it hurt you so to hear that they caved? It's so trivial. You are acting like children.

Tres2119d ago

I dont like the "caved" wording either mostly cause it is negative sounding & like it was something that shouldnt have happened...which pulls more ppl in to argue over this whole thing all over again, like its not a good move.

Realms19d ago

Imaginary? Look at all the buzz words being used "caved, relented, gave into" as if this is some kind of defeat by Sony. Why not just write an article celebrating cross play? Oh right that wouldn't get nearly as much attention as using these buzz words.

SolidGamerX18d ago

It bothers me because the language is a lie and any level minded person can see its being used slanderously towards Sony, why do you support the hyperbole? Don't bother I know why, but do carry on pretending you're not involved in the "imaginary" console battle.

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chiefJohn11719d ago

The fact "caved" got you in your feelings exposes your fanboyism

SolidGamerX18d ago

The fact you made this comment exposes yours, congrats on the hypocrisy, wasn't your first time though.

chiefJohn11718d ago

Make no sense but okay lol TRIGGERED!!!!

SolidGamerX17d ago

It would have if you had a modicum of intelligence, but okay.

chiefJohn11717d ago

If you say so. Cave got this boy heated

SolidGamerX16d ago

I do say so, and that seems to have you heated, lol.

chiefJohn11715d ago

Let it all out don't worry Sony will never cave again 😆

SolidGamerX15d ago

They'd have to cave first before they could cave "again", here's another L for you to hold.

gangsta_red13d ago

It's a shame that the shills who defended Sony's stance are more upset and hurt and can't move past this even though it benefits developers and gamers alike.

That's what's truly shocking...not really though

MasterCornholio13d ago

Only if you take what they say literally though.

SolidGamerX13d ago

Whats really a shame is that trolls like you haven't been banned from this site permanently, boggles the mind how you get away with it ALL the time. This didn't have to do with Sony changing its stance it had to do with the terminology used in the articles title but apparently what it really ended up being was an opportunity for one of the worst usual suspects to show up, truly shocking.... not really though.. Don't even get me started on the irony of you calling other people shills, nearly fell out of the chair on that one.

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