PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Servers Closing on October 25th

For all the hell that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for being so similar the series it was inspired by, the game had quite the fanbase in the PlayStation Nation. Now, six years after release, online multiplayer is coming to an end.

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jukins119d ago

Literally the only game I play on my vita . . . .

AspiringProGenji119d ago

My vita is a Persona, PSP machine basically

Segata119d ago

Persona 4G is the best game on the system and my god what a game it is.

Platformgamer119d ago

another sad story linked to a server closure.
being hated just for being on the same genre as SSB, PASBR was actually a very good game and a lot of fun.
the only problem it has was that the game missed some character and they abandoned to support the game too soon (i remember the gravity rush/journey arena, dart and abe dlc that never come out and god knows what else), for the rest the game was fun incarnate...
i hope sony will do a PSASBR 2, we playstation fans deserve a brawl fighting game too

cero55119d ago

It wasnt just hated for being in the same genre as ssb. The game had a shit ton of balance issues a, lack of modes and a small roster. The majority hated only killing with supers as well. I would like to see a part 2 with a complete overhaul .

Michiel1989119d ago

only being able to kill with supers made the game so boring. Especially since some characters just had 2 very bad supers so you had to rely on a certain one (most often the lvl 3 one)

Platformgamer119d ago

the game modes were not a lot but enough for me, there are balance issues even on smash bros and the killing mechanic for gaining points is more fun than knocking off people for me, it fells more mature too.
the roster wasn't small neither but it lacked some iconic characters (even if a lot of iconic ones still was in the roster btw) and as i said the roster was growing up but santa monica cut the dlc updates.
i hope for a better done second chapter too but the first one was not mediocre as a lot of you say

princejb134118d ago

problem with this game to me was the way you finish people off. The ultimate moves got boring really fast and it was a stupid system. They should have just done it the way ssb did it

TheLastGuardian118d ago

I loved it. Pulling off a big combo into a kill confirm made me feel so good. Especially against a tough opponent who usually beats you. I hope the system is similar in the sequel of we get one.

Segata119d ago

Mediocre game. Horrible roster. Smash had Snake and Cloud, not this which is baffling. Just a poor attempt. Nothing wrong with a smash clone but find a better developer, more effort into the roster. Simpler name and you can have a good game. They won't reach Smash levels but doesn't have to. The worst decision this game made was it wanted to smash but all the sudden was embarrassed to be smashed so the stage design is not designed to be knocked off but just chaos which didn't work. If you are going to copy Smash don't wimp out on the most important element. Sonic Racing Transformed went full Mario Kart and honestly, I think it was better. I hope Sony makes another go but learn from this game's shortcomings.

Nu119d ago

I played Sonic racing but MK8 is just better

chris235119d ago

i found it to be as dull as the franchise it was inspired by.

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The story is too old to be commented.