Rocket League PS4 Cross Play Not Planned Right Now, Says Psyonix

The announcement that cross play was coming to PS4 sent shockwaves across the industry. However, Rocket League PS4 cross play isn't planned yet.

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Majin-vegeta115d ago

Didnt they say all that was needed was "With the flip of a switch".🤔

Nemop114d ago

They also mention that people should reach out to Sony about it. From what it sounds like, for right now this is a Fortnite only thing and Psyonix don't have the ability to do it right now.

dumahim114d ago

Or Sony has some sort of restriction or fee for the developers who want it, and no one is talking about it yet.

BlackRaven85_1114d ago

It's Sony's decision. This crossplay is just for Fortnite. Sony said it themselves. Didn't you read the blog Sony released before jumping into this?

Sgt_Slaughter114d ago

Expect games like this and maybe Call of Duty or Battlefield to be the next cross-play games, or at least that's the hope.

thejigisup114d ago

Hope y'all are happy with crossplay now. Pretty sure it was just a way to give Sony a headache about something really irrelevant. Pretty sure this whole thing is gonna cause issues in the future. Shoulda left it alone.

Phoenix76114d ago

First Bethesda come out and say they won't be doing crossplay after making an issue of it, then pysonix with rocket league.
After all the horse s### flinging around, this is how it all ends LMAO. I said that in 1 years time it would be a mute point among gamers. Roll on the next big "make believe" issue for gamers to argue about.

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Gemmol114d ago

Reading will help you

They do not want to redo the infrastructure, blame Sony for taking too long to give them the okay, if Sony want to make it cross play have their developers do it, Bethesda should not have to pay resource to fix something that Sony cause issues with in the first place

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