Destiny 2 Dev: There Are Still Some Things In The Game That Need To Be Changed

High moon Studios’ Matt Tieger feels that, despite recent improvements, Destiny 2 still climb upward.

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VTKC111d ago

Yeah stop making it such a grindfest

Sirk7x110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

That's why Destiny 2 sucked at launch. Everyone complained about the grinding from the first game, so they changed it, and then everyone complained there was nothing to do after hitting level 20. MMO endgame means grinding. If anything, for future installments, I feel like Destiny would be better off with even more MMO staples. More classes, abilities, areas, skills, crafting, an auction house or trading post.
For God's sake Bungie, put in some mini games for people to play. Do you know how cool a card game inside Destiny 2 woud be? Make it so you could use items, or turn weapons/armor into cards.

BlackDoomAx110d ago

There is a ball you can play with. There are even fireworks if you score xD