Valkyria Chronicles Represents War Better Than Most Actual War Games

Twinfinite Writes: Valkyria Chronicles unique setting is basically an anime pseudo-fantasy version of World War II, and while we've seen countless war video games over the years, Valkyria is one of the unique titles that actually tries to delve into the consequences of war, big and small.

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MichaelAllio114d ago

Damn... really insightful look on the nature war wreaks on the human psyche. May have to give Valkyria Chronicles a look after reading this.

DarbyHallman114d ago

There's definitely a lack of meaningful representations of war in games. Out of the many war-themed games I've played Valiant Hearts is the only one I can think of that truly nailed that message. I've wanted to get into Valkyria for a while and this makes me want to bump it up the list! I know it would be right up my alley, especially with how much I love Fire Emblem.