Free Xbox Games With Gold titles for October 2018 announced

Neil writes - If your wallet can't stretch to paying out for the numerous blockbusting games that are releasing over the next few weeks, but you still want to get a gaming itch scratched, then the Xbox Games With Gold scheme is the way to go. After all, there isn't much free in this world so when the opportunity for freebies arises, it should be snapped up! But what new games will Xbox One and Xbox 360 players get free access to this month?

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lxeasy118d ago

Overcooked is so much fun!

ccgr117d ago

My kids got tired of me yelling at them. "Chop the tomatoes!" "Wash the dishes!" etc hehe

gangsta_red118d ago

Victor Vran looks really good, will definitely try that out.

Overcooked seems like a good couch co-op game...I guess....

gamer7804118d ago

I had no interest in overcooked, then I played it w/ a friend and was a blast, one of those games that sneaks up on you not thinking it would be very fun.

gangsta_red118d ago

Sounds cool, like those surprise type of games.

Cmv38118d ago

If you love diablo, victor won't be a great replacement, but it may scratch that itch temporarily. I didn't enjoy it too much

gangsta_red118d ago

Yeah, we definitely need more Diablo type games for consoles. Hopefully it'll scratch that itch for me

gravedigger118d ago

Looks like it's a vanilla version of Victor Vran, not an Overkill Edition. Sadly, because, if you love Lenny and Motorhead, Motorhead DLC is awesome.

Vetgamer118d ago

Not sure about the others but over cooked is a great family game.

Moe-Gunz118d ago

Overcooked is awesome. Overcooked 2 is even better thanks to the online co-op. Definitely check those games out.

franwex118d ago

Hey, it's a pretty decent month-finally! I like RPGs also, so I'm glad to see Victron Vran

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