Forza Horizon 4's stunning tech upgrades - and how Xbox One X shines as lead platform

Eurogamer: "Playground Games returns with its most impressive work yet. We took a trip to the studio to meet the team, talk about the tech upgrades and check out the X Enhanced advantages. Microsoft's enhanced console is lead platform here, so what does that mean in terms of improvements vs the S?"

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darthv7220d ago

I have a base xbo and this game is simply jaw dropping with how much it is improved over previous horizon entries like 2 and 3. If i got the X then I'd likely stick with performance mode for that 60fps smoothness.

WANNAGETHIGH20d ago ShowReplies(10)
CarlDechance20d ago

Looking forward to PC analysis

Jinger20d ago

From what I'm hearing is that it runs really great on PC and even requires less specs then FH3 since PC was in mind from the beginning.

CarlDechance20d ago

Hope so. I think I put in 120 hours on FH3. This one being on Game Pass makes it even better.

Jinger20d ago

I kinda burned myself with FH3 buying the ultimate edition... I thought it came with all the DLC and not just the car pass, double XP and early access :/ So I'm sticking with GamePass for this one.

CarlDechance20d ago

Same here. I spent way too much money on FH3. Going to dial it down a bit for FH4.

crazyCoconuts20d ago

I ran the demo on highest settings and 4k display using a 1080 card, and it stayed pretty close to 60fps the entire time. I think it looked pretty good, but the car models and movement looked weird to me. Floaty and unrealistic somehow...

Unreal0120d ago

This looks even better on PC. Amazing demo, can't wait for this.

Si-Fly20d ago

Yup, 90fps on Ultra 3440x1440p in the demo for me, runs great!

Kribwalker20d ago

I’m happy PC gamers will get to enjoy this masterpiece as well. Play Anywhere was a great consumer move by MS

starchild20d ago

There's nothing wrong with your comment. It IS great that PC gamers like myself have the opportunity to play this game. And it IS a great consumer move by Microsoft. Some of the people that visit this site are such dbags. Downvoting a comment like yours is just sad.

Realms20d ago

@ starchild

He likes trolling Sony articles so take his comments with a grain of salt there is nothing wrong with his comments but as often as he likes talking smack many people tend to disagree with anything he says.

chrisoadamson20d ago

Is it not full 4k on x then?


It is, 2160p @ 30 or 1080p @ 60 options

20d ago
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