Cease and desist forces impressive fan recreation of the Enterprise from Star Trek to self destruct

From Eurogamer: "A fan-made recreation of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation has been pulled offline following a cease and desist.

Stage-9 was a two-year-old fan project that let users explore a virtual recreation of the Enterprise-D, the spaceship made famous by The Next Generation tv show."

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ChrisW22d ago

There's gotta be more to the cease and desist order than what's being told. Lawyers aren't that heartless...


Kados21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

As long as they do not use any Star Trek branding, they are under no obligation to remove it.

The original design is neither a physical object, nor software. It is simply an idea. Ideas cannot be patented/copywritten. Only the implementation of an idea can. Unless they actually physically construct a functioning version of the Enterprise, they can not lay claim to the layout.

AuToFiRE21d ago

This is not what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted