Xbox: ‘We’re finding the world’s greatest teams and allowing them to operate independently’

Xbox’s GM of marketing Aaron Greenberg talks about a huge Q4, how Fortnite has grown gaming, why Game Pass benefits its partners and the outlook for all those newly acquired studios.

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Mr_Commander389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

delusional, beyond saving.

JaguarEvolved389d ago

I've been an Xbox fan for years and Microsoft reps. Loves to talk and make promises without anything to show.

fiveby9389d ago

Less talk more action. We'll see in 5 years where MS has improved.

Eonjay389d ago

I never realized that he was in charge of marketing. It all makes so much sense now. Yeah this guy is killing Xbox because people like me who are turned away by unbecoming self platitudes and promises and dumb zombie death stats and undeserved self congratulations..."People Pick Xbox Because We Have The Biggest Franchises"..."We have the most Hardcore players"... this guy needs to go.

Eonjay389d ago

95% of it was a presentation of games coming to all systems.

AngelicIceDiamond389d ago

I'm talking about those studio acquisitions MS made at E3 I mean CLEARLY what else would I be talking about? See they don't exist considering nobody here never brings it up. N4G, a site where you can shape reality and leave out obviously important details in order to keep the negative narrative in tact. And yet nobody can prove me wrong.

Eonjay389d ago Show
Apocalypse Shadow389d ago

You mean those acquisitions that won't benefit xbox until possibly next Gen? With half the developers already making Xbox only games?


Vizigoth04389d ago

Yeah, I mean potentially can take is one game. One AAA game with great story and gameplay from quality artistic directors with out the distraction of microtransactions or online heavy elements and people will jump in. It's sad that it take a whole next generation of gamers to do so with the exception of previous generation players who still cater to Halo, Gears and Forza. Crack down might be it. I have severe doubts though.

thehitman1398389d ago

Microsoft to us, "Like mgk would say, let's talk about it"

milohighclub389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

@Angelic shape reality and leave out important details??

Here's the reality for you, a few important details you left out.

its taken 17 years for them to realise studios are important, n because they bought a small handful all should be forgiven and forgotten?
It's not even like they were amazing studios!! Ninja theory yeah, good buy there but the rest?
By the time any of them release anything exclusive it will have been 20 years, that's 2 decades of them been players in this industry, most likely on the next gen. So it will have taken them 4 gens, 20 years, 2 decades to figure out gamers want games.
And you wanna give these people your money?

bouzebbal388d ago

too bad Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog signed with MS...
...wait... isn't it what he just said?

IamTylerDurden1388d ago (Edited 388d ago )


Let's really breakdown the five studio acquisitions, shall we?

The Initiative

A brand new yet to be formed studio. As of E3 they only had a studio head (Darrell G) and he is still filling the roster. It's hard to even call this an "acquisition".

Compulsion Games

A 43 man team that has only produced two games, and both have been subpar. Contrast, a small straight to PS+ indie game with middling reviews. We Happy Few, a hyped failure that received terrible reviews and even worse sales. 50k first week and a 66 Opencritic.

Undead Labs

The studio behind State of Decay and State of Decay 2 that was already operating like a Microsoft first party anyway. This doesn't gain anything considering they were already dedicated to making Xbox exclusives. While neither game was particularly well rated they did manage adequate sales. However, State of Decay 2 was a clear disappointment critically, sitting at a 67 Metacritic. The acquisition means very little and SoD2 was a bad game.

Playground Games

They've been operating like a first party for years. It's nice to know they aren't going anywhere, but the acquisition changes almost nothing for Xbox fans. Whether they were officially acquired or not Microsoft would still be contracting them to make exclusive Xbox games namely Forza Horizon. Like Undead Labs, this acquisition is just paperwork and won't change much.

Ninja Theory

The lone acquisition that was truly shocking and truly meaningful. However, Ninja Theory isn't a huge AAA studio so i wouldn't necessarily expect massive AAA games from them. Much of the reason Microsoft acquired the bulk of these studios is because they are cheap. In fact, the studios they acquired were either cheap or already operating like a Microsoft first party. It's not like they went out and bought five AAA studios that weren't already contracted to make games for them.

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DarkVoyager389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Worlds greatest teams. Lmao.

I swear these Xbox reps live in a bubble outside of reality.

P.S. Fire this guy already.

Ricegum389d ago

How is this guy still around? Greenberg is laughable

fiveby9389d ago

Marketing is like politics. They will tell you anything to separate you from your hard earned money.

rainslacker389d ago

You can have the greatest devs on earth, but if you don't provide the structure to allow then to create, and be efficient at proper oversight as a producer so they don't get too far ahead of themselves, it won't mean much. Providing resources and allowing devs freedom...if that's what they want.... isn't the end of a publishers responsibilities.

Ms seems to have a vision for where it wants its future development to go, and they haven't really shown that they are about giving freedom to their devs. Saying they are, and actually doing are two different things, and ms seems like a company that likes to micromanage everythjng

trooper_389d ago

He needed to be fired a long time ago.

crazyCoconuts389d ago

I mean, he's a marketing guy. What would he say if he told the truth? That they have no hope of catching up with the competition who has way more original content, innovations like VR, and a larger user base? He's got to play off of what he has, and it's a Hope and change message. Can't fault him for doing his job, and I'm sure some people believe it and think Xbox has truly turned around at this point.

389d ago
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SuperSonic91389d ago

Xbox is so behind PS4 that it needs alot of catching up.
Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, Insomniac etc are seasoned AAA game developers comparef to Xbox's E3 studios. Even their long time studio ,Rare, ain't in the same league as Sony's and they just let these newly acquired studios run loose?

389d ago
IamTylerDurden1388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Greenberg is a clown. I guess he missed the part where We Happy Few failed miserably? Compulsion Games is one of the best teams in the business? One of the other teams is brand new. So a failure and a fledgling team get included in the "best teams" rhetoric? This guy certainly can spin. "Best teams in the world" and "best lineup ever". I certainly wouldn't call State of Decay 2 dev Undead Labs one of the world's greatest either.

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Ristul389d ago ShowReplies(5)
CarlDechance389d ago

Sounds great, but I'm not sure letting Compulsion Games have too much independence is such a great idea. Those guys need some help.

Jinger389d ago

Exactly, I think they can do something great, but need a bit of help on a technical standpoint. Maybe they can get Ninja Theory or someone to give them some guidance.

Bhai389d ago ShowReplies(6)
IamTylerDurden1388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Everyone was hyped over Compulsion until We Happy Few actually released...

But in actuality Compulsion Games has some incredible creative talent. They've always had a great art team, but they are clearly in need of quality programmers and gameplay designers.

Sadly i believe the main reason MS bought most of these studios is because they are cheap. Smaller studios that produce a AAA-ish product. So MS doesn't need to pay a AAA budget for a game they can make AAA money off of. The unfortunate thing is that Compulsion has shown us that they can't make a competent AAA product with only 43 people.

In the case of Compulsion i believe MS actually needs to step in and manage or else we are in for another hyped failure like WHF.

CarlDechance388d ago

They seem to have great artistic talent. Contrast was awesome looking. But you are right. Their technical staff leave a lot to be desired.

SpaceRanger389d ago

This guy is the equivalent of a used car salesman.

rainslacker389d ago

That's being kind of unfair to used car salesmen don't you think?

I mean, a used car salesman can usually sell stuff and can sound believable when they talk.