Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of The Night & Rondo of Blood announced for PS4

Konami has announced Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of The Night & Rondo of Blood “exclusively” for PlayStation 4. It will launch via the PlayStation Store on October 26. Pre-orders will open today. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of The Night And Rondo of Blood includes both Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.

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FallenAngel198421d ago

Saw that coming

Still surprised this isn’t a multiplat considering Simon and Richter in SSBU

naruga21d ago

i hope they have kept the cheessy dub from orignal PSx version and not the corrected PSp version

TheEnigma31321d ago

"what is a man? A miserable pile of secrets?"

PhoenixUp21d ago

For every Metal Gear Survive we get Castlevania Requiem

I’m not even mad at this announcement though. Nice Halloween surprise

Segata21d ago

Rondo of Blood is so amazing! I would gladly play this again on PS4!

xX-oldboy-Xx21d ago

Another reason to own PS4, I don't even care if SOTN is included on PS1 mini. The best Castlevania on the best console = win.

roland8221d ago (Edited 21d ago )

I've been playing SOTN on the Xbox one for awhile now.

xX-oldboy-Xx21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Cool man, I've played it on PS1, PS3 and Vita and soon to be on the greatest console of the current gen - PS4.

Who wants to own an xbox? Eww.

Garrett_the_GOD21d ago

While I agree that PS4 is the best console this gen I do still enjoy the hell out of my One X..I use them for different reasons...I use my PS4 Pro for PS4 exclusives/console exclusives and PSVR..I use my One X for multiplats because the One X is more powerful than the Pro,so why not buy those games for the console they look and perform better on?I also use my One X for backwards compatibility because last gen had a lot of amazing games and even some of them have been enhanced for the One Switch is used strictly as a handheld,I buy Nintendo exclusives,Indies and the occasional big AAA multiplats just so I can play DOOM,Wolfenstein,NBA2K,etc on the go...Im a gamer,I dont have time for the fanboy shit

xX-oldboy-Xx21d ago

I'm a Sony fanboy and proud of it. I have enough humility and respect not to rag on NINTENDO, because they've pretty much been doing it since day one.

MS on the other hand, built on lies, misinformation, broken promises - how can people like a company like that. They still do, I don't get it.

If MS didn't have WINDOWS, they'd be a fairly average company with more fails than successes.

Sirk7x20d ago

I'm sure people planning on buying a PS1 Mini/Classic/Whatever will care whether or not it's included, as it's one of the best games on the PS1. Why you gotta be like that? SoTN has been on Xbox via BC for ages.

EmperorDalek20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Apart from exclusives, the PS4 does nothing better than the Xbox One. Wouldn't Sony ALSO be a fairly average company at this point, if it weren't for PS4? They've made more mistakes than Microsoft as a company.

It's hard for me to pledge full loyalty towards a company that claims no one wants to play older games, while forcing people who ALREADY own these games, to buy them again on PS4. Meanwhile on Xbox One... if you own it, you don't need to buy it again. Not to mention, all Xbox originals are upgraded to near native 1080p/4K for FREE... in comparison, Sony charged $40 for damn near the same treatment for God of War III and Uncharted.

So for this case, this isn't a great reason to own a PS4... because they're charging you for the game, even if you already own it. Xbox One has had it for ages.

Oh and the Vita was a scam, can't believe they practically dropped support for it nearly straight after it released.

xX-oldboy-Xx20d ago

Haha - Sony sells remakes not remasters, BIG difference. Sony invest in new ip's, far more important for their customers. Sony supported BC on PS2 and the original PS3, it wasn't something that was widely used. Having BC would be nice, but is it the be all end all? No. Also The Cell architecture is very difficult to emulate. PS5 will have BC and it won't get used after the 1st year or 2, once the games start releasing on a regular basis.

Sony are a company with a history of firsts in many technology fields. Their innovation and quality built products have given them huge success over the years. Then they saw off and are recovering from the impact of cheaper products made in China by Chinese companies.

The Vita was released nearly 7 yrs ago, and it's support you're right could have been better - it reminds of another company that doesn't invest in new games.

Can you name one area MS is successful apart from their monopoly on PC OS?

Lucky they have Windows.

EmperorDalek20d ago

I'm not talking about Shadow of the Colossus, I clearly said I'm talking about things like God of War 3 and the Uncharted "multiplayer removed" collection. You call those remakes?

Backwards compatibility is a great feature, and it will be even better if both PS5 and the next Xbox are compatible with all current gen games. Be all and end all? That would be overly dramatic, but it doesn't change that it's a great feature, or that it's well implemented on Xbox One.

I realise it wouldn't be easy with the PS3's architecture, and if they can't do it, fine. But that's no excuse for PS2/PS1 games, and to say that SOTN is another reason to own a PS4 is nonsense. That'd be like if I said Halo 3 is a good reason to buy an Xbox One (even if it was upgraded to 4K for FREE on the X.)

"Can you name one area MS is successful apart from their monopoly on PC OS?"
Oh geez I dunno, how about Xbox? Their Surface tablets have done well also. Microsoft is primarily a software company...and they're second to none in that department. Microsoft is far more successful than Sony, so I don't know where you're trying to take this.

Also, screw Sony for dropping the Vita. Microsoft's issues with first party games is nothing compared to what Sony did with the Vita.

xX-oldboy-Xx20d ago

Alright peanut, go through each company's achievements and see who has given more to the world.

Music, Movies, TV, Walkman, Professional Video equipment, Professional Audio equipment, Consumer Video equipment, Consumer Audio equipment, PlayStation - which by the way is and has been the most consistent, successful gaming brand since its inception.

MS is a software company that fears making new ips, how's that for irony. MS got where they were by bully tactics and monopolizing the OS market. Good for them.

Guess what? Their tactics in that field don't play where consumers are given choice. All the snake oil talk and fearmongering gets seen for what it is - bullshit. Its only dim people like yourself that fall for it. And continue to do so.

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ShinRon21d ago

holding out for a switch version

Dark_Knightmare221d ago

Well it says exclusively so you might be waiting awhile

BulletClub21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

It'll be on Switch. Their Smash Bros inclusion is simply Nintendo selling the game for Konami. Switch will have an abundance of Castlevania titles besides these two.
This is besides the fact that most japanese titles will all be on Switch since that is the leading platform in japan after already outselling the PS4.

darthv7221d ago

Seems like a weird exclusive for Sony to buy seeing neither game is technically exclusive so I dont know why they would be now. Sony getting exclusive 4k maybe. And SotN is already playable on the XBO in HD.

Tross20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

And have to hope Konami changes their mind, or you'll be waiting for an eternity.

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