Telltale Games Is Now Facing a Legal Case Against Former Employees

Following the announcement about the closure of Telltale Games studio and the ejection of almost 250 employees, Telltale is now facing a lawsuit against their former employees.

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FallenAngel198423d ago

I knew this was bound to happen

Smokehouse22d ago

Probably not going to work unfortunately. Telltale falls into too many exemptions in the WARN act. Hopefully they are using a probono or “pay if you win” lawyer and they’re not wasting what money they have. Probably not seeing how unlikely the case is.

IamTylerDurden122d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Shame that management woefully mismanaged this company. They had huge success with TWD, but ultimately it was that success that killed them. Over inflating the company and chasing only the biggest, most expensive licenses while failing to improve their tech or innovate at all.

TT built themselves on Sam & Max, yet they soon forgot that in favor of huge licenses and cookie-cutter games. It always offended me that they had massive financial success with TWD yet never upgraded the engine. Over 250 employees to build games that 10 person teams could make.