You Don't Need Nintendo Switch Online

Gizmodo: “You could argue that it’s an extremely small cost, so why not go in and give yourself the option? At $20 per year, Nintendo Switch Online is cheaper than Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus. That’s a perfectly reasonable argument that I think a lot of people will adopt. Similarly, while the NES game library feels thin now, it will hopefully grow over time. Once it has enough of the hits (and maybe some of my favorites from the SNES and N64, as well), I would happily pay the price just for Nintendo’s back catalog.

But right now I’d argue against it because Nintendo Switch Online detracts from the Switch’s best feature by making the internet appear more vital. If forced to choose between playing Nintendo games and having a device that doesn’t tax my mental health every time I’m out of wifi range, there’s no question. I choose the latter. The freedom it offers, even in its least significant forms, is far more valuable.”

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wonderfulmonkeyman23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

People use local wifi for gaming a lot more often than you think, and there are many good online multiplayer games on it that now require it which you can simply play at home; docked mode is a very valid mode, especially since the performance rises when docked.
MK 8, Splatoon, heck, even Doom, amongst many others both released and coming.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, "studies have shown" that the majority of Switch owners treat it as it was intended to be; a hybrid, with a balanced mix of home and handheld play.
To be fair, though, there are a plethora of good single player games on it, if one absolutely must insist against online.

But I digress; the online is far from perfect, but it shouldn't be getting turned into this big of a negative news deal.
And keep in mind; this is coming from someone that is openly against paywalled multiplayer, personally, and is just seeing the other side of the coin.

Zeldafan6422d ago

For someone like me who hardly ever plays multiplayer the paid online isn't even an afterthought for me. It definitely needs improvement though.

Neonridr23d ago

Honestly your decision on whether or not to subscribe comes down to the games you want to play. That and whether or not you see value in your $20 you would be spending.

Zeldafan6422d ago

It's ridiculous how some people are acting like they have to sacrifice their first born in order to play online.

Kidmyst23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The Family Plan is only about $15.00 more and lets you add up to 8 family member accounts to also enjoy the online service and games too, I wish Sony would do this with Plus where the PS4 my Son plays on could have his account as Primary but under my Family Plan, so when he turns on the console it doesn't need my account to come up first. With the Switch he can have his come as the last one logged in.

Platformgamer22d ago

i don't need a switch neither, the wiiU is a better choice right now

King_Noctis22d ago

Yet you comment on almost every Switch articles.

Razmiran22d ago

You dont need psn plus or xbox live either
Everything is a choice