IGN: Dead Space Review & Video Review

Call it science fiction survival horror, but Dead Space does the genre proud with an engaging story; action that's tense, fast-paced and extremely violent; as well as atmospheric qualities that will get under your skin and make you jump. It may be a newcomer, but the seeds of an incredible franchise have been sown, and EA's in a great position to reap a phenomenal franchise full of scares. If you like survival horror, action or sci-fi, Dead Space needs to be on your radar.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 9.5
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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Rice3649d ago

huh? i swear this is a duplicate?

xaphanze3648d ago

It is.I got bioshock and Dead Space and they are kick ass indeed.