Telltale Games died because it stopped moving forward

The story of Telltale Games paints a fascinating, depressing picture of a company that found success and seemed to immediately encase itself in amber. The road to its devastating shutdown is what it looks like when a company finds a winning formula, and thinks that winning formula will win forever.

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FallenAngel198423d ago

It never bothered to update an engine it’s been using since 2005

UltraNova23d ago

They never bothered to make a different game since 2005.

goldwyncq23d ago

The Telltale before The Walking Dead actually made real games. As great as the first season was, it made them complacent and afraid to try out new things, marking the beginning of their downfall.

killatia23d ago

100% agree with this. TellTale Game's blind devotion to a single gameplay style across multiple games hurt the company badly, not to mention the outdated engine they kept using without much update.

otakuapologist23d ago

There's risk in changing things. Customers are very resistant to changes. Just look at any fandom from Star Wars to Nintendo game fandoms. People develop a very rigid idea of what they want from their creators, and will only financially support content that strictly follows their idea of what the content should be like. This leaves creators with little room to make their own decisions: the markets are tyrannical. Changing anything is risky in this environment.

The fix to this issue is simple however. You dedicate less resources to small "indie games" developed inside of the company. If the game gets popular, awesome, you have a million dollar franchise in your hands. If the ship sinks, you didn't waste much money. This was the story of Hearthstone.

Innovation is a high-risk minimum buy-in play. It's necessary for the long-term survival of any company to innovate, because your industry and the standards of your customers develop over time.

Deathdeliverer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I disagree with this. What kills story driven games and single player experiences these days is YouTube and streamers. Being able to stream and have access to streams so easily is what killed Telltale. There is ZERO reason to buy one of their games after seeing it beat. God of War and Spider-Man are single player but they have action that is fun to experience on your own even if the story is ruined. In a telltale game once you’re done, you’re done. Personally I think games like theirs should be unstreamable somehow. I have coworkers that have literally told me they love the walking dead series when we are talking about games. When I say something specific like what did you choose at this point and what was the outcome, they say well I watched it on YouTube or streamer X plays it every Wed.

Sgt_Slaughter23d ago

Anti-consumer practices like that would have driven them into the ground sooner.

People choosing to watch streams instead of play the games is their choice, not allowing anyone to stream a game would kill its popularity instantly.

Telltale killed themselves with subpar graphics, shady business practices, terrible work environment, and over paying for properties they couldn't afford in the long run.

Hungryalpaca22d ago

Or it could be the bad graphics, bad performance, bugs and glitches galore, outdated engine, bad controls, making the exact same game over and over. Etc

Lol you tubers to blame. Give me a break.

Fritz-o-Toole23d ago

Agree. I did not buy their games because the engine too outdated :/

Platformgamer23d ago

"what is famous now? let's do a shitty game about it that will sell anyway (until it lasted)"
The company.

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