Monster Hunter World has sold 2 million copies on the PC

SuperData Arcade has shared its monthly report, stating that Monster Hunter World has shared 2 million copies on the PC.

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Shadowolf25d ago

Wow, that is super impressive!

Kingdroopy201825d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Screw All you PC haters talking trash about how we only pirate our games
Idiots we can afford much better hardware than your weak Xbox's and PS4's so we dont need to steal games

TedCruzsTaint24d ago

Dude. PC guy to PC guy; let's have a real talk for a sec.

You sound like a tool.

SuperSonic9124d ago

Uh...the PC version is a port of the popular PS4 version.... calm down.

starchild24d ago What does that have to do with anything?

He's right. Those fanboys who act like PC gamers all pirate games are the tools. I don't pirate games and neither do my PC gaming friends. Games generally sell very well on PC despite the huge number and breadth of games released on the platform each year.

Unreal0124d ago


You are correct. Also, I remember there was an article about RDR2 not coming to PC, and so many comments said it was because of rampant piracy, so misinformed. Games can sell very well on PC as this game has shown.

SegaGamer24d ago

You should have stopped after your first line. Your second line made you look as bad as the people you are criticising.

Seraphim24d ago

well deserved. this game is phenomenal and a blast to play with friends.

TedCruzsTaint24d ago

And that's at retail price on a platform that gets tnrown sales a month after release usually. There's a lot more sales coming.

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