Makeover needed: Microsoft writes "When Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) released its Windows Vista operating system product almost two years ago, the market was initially excited. That excitement turned to boring indifference as customers, both business and consumer, realized that this was just another update to Windows. Nothing revolutionary, or even evolutionary (in many minds). The problem was this: Windows Vista was a huge change under the hood, but where its users interact with it, it seems like a boring reinvention of an operating system from half a decade ago."

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GWAVE3743d ago

Of course they need a makeover. Vista is in shambles because the public doesn't trust it nor do they see a reason to upgrade. Their first-party and second-party developers are closing shop, cutting employees, and leaving Microsoft behind. Zune is a cute "me too" product compared to the iPod. The 360 is STILL broken after 3 years and despite all of the PR hoo-hah, it really isn't selling all that much better than the original Xbox.

But as the article pointed out, Microsoft isn't in debt. They have tons of cash to throw around. THAT's why they're still in business. If Vista was an Apple or Linux OS, it would have flopped by now. If a game developer was run like Microsoft's devs, they would have closed their doors long ago. And if Nintendo or Sony (or SEGA...oh...wait...they DID) released such a broken console, they would be in deep financial trouble trouble.

Microsoft cares nothing for the consumer. They care about the bottom line and that's it. Their "devotion" to quality (lack thereof, actually) shows where their priorities lie.

badz1493742d ago

for the more diversity it offers but I admit that there are problems with this OS and it's not pretty! Vista is too resource-hungry and many 3rd party accessories are incompatible with it! plus the file transfer are so damn slow and it crashes a lot! XP SP3 is way better than Vista in terms of performance and this is not looking good for Vista as 7 people has already starting to talk about 7 and this is going to be the biggest slap in the face for the Vista users if 7 comes out before Vista can be able to even match XP SP3!

Silvia0073742d ago

but if you have enough resources, vista is pretty nice. There's still that lame file transfer issue though. I'm at 8gigs of ram right now and vista uses about 2 gigs of it constantly. Sometimes it dips down to about 1.5gigs but usually never lower then that. I admit I used to hate it but I stuck with it and it's not so bad.

gumgum993742d ago

What they need is a clown mascot that tells people in ads:

Yes, I'm cheap Yes, I'm vile

But if you buy my vista I'll make you smile

LOL (yeah, I know. I'm really kidding on this one )

3742d ago