Xbox Game Pass Lineup For October 2018 – Wolfenstein, Horizon 4, And More

Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup today, and also shared the Xbox Game Pass additions for October 2018.

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112d ago
Ciporta1980112d ago

If I pay for a month of game pass can I play Forza horizon 4 on my pc with it? I have an Xbox one but it's in my son's room so I can never really use it.

Phoenix029112d ago

Yeah, it’s a game pass play anywhere title.

Ciporta1980112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

Cool I wasn't sure if play anywhere worked with game pass. Thanks. Might give it a try then. Really liked 2 but never played 3 because guy at work out me off talking about how you had to make your own events. Hope this one isn't like that.

BenRC01112d ago

The guy at work is an idiot. That simply wasn't true and you missed the greatest racer ever made.

CarlDechance112d ago

FH4 via Game Pass on PC. That's exactly how I'm going to play. Enjoy!

BenRC01112d ago

This is mental. Surely MS are throwing away sales by the thousands, 7 months of game pass is about the retail price.

Unreal01112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

They can't possibly recouperate the money with this service. I get to play Forza Horizon 4 on my PC all month for £1. Amazing.

shaggy2303112d ago

Im sure Microsoft have crunched the numbers and decided it makes financial sense.

itsmebryan112d ago

I wouldn't worry about Microsoft. I think they know how to make a profit.

CarlDechance112d ago

Not caring about how much a mega-corp makes/doesn't make on a product. It is a great deal to me.

BenRC01111d ago

I don't care about ms one bit, it just boggles my mind, why pay £50 for this game when you can just pay a few pounds and be done with it in a couple of months

conanlifts111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

It is actually very smart. The majority of fans who want to own the game will most likely still buy it. People like myself who would never have purchased it will instead get gamepass. Plus MS are focussed on the bigger picture. For example if they can get gamepass subscribers to reach just 6 million that is equivalent to selling 1 million games per month. On the other hand if they continue this to xbox 2 and get 20-30 million subscribers it would be the equivelant of them selling 3-4 million copies per month. not to mention their plan of offering a streaming type service on other devices. Subscribers could easily be in the 10's of millions with this model. They are in it for the long haul. Not short term. Just look at the billions Netflix spends on content and their profit.

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twiggytree12112d ago

Gamepass is a great service, but when it comes to FH4 I'm paying for keeps! Ultimate Edition all the way!

timotim111d ago

Ultimate Edition is pre-loaded and ready to go! I feel ya fellow gamer...

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