Forza Horizon 4 Launch Trailer Has Been Revealed

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games coming to Xbox One this fall. Ahead of its October 2nd, 2018 the game has received a launch trailer showing off crisp 4k gameplay, and exciting locations.

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AspiringProGenji22d ago

Glad I waited for this one. Looking forward to the new songs in the bass arena radio. I still listen to some of the FH2 songs on youtube

2ndhandcorn22d ago

Look great but they need better music for rock fans too much electro pussy , i turn off the music straight away now .

blm50422d ago

Can't wait been waiting for this since I finished putting in over 300 plus hrs in horizon 3

The_Sage22d ago

Looks great! Almost as good as Driveclub!

The_Sage22d ago

Some people are disagreeing that this game looks great. I don't understand why.