Gamertell Interview: Zach Wigal of Gamers Outreach Foundation, Microsoft MVP award winner

Gamertell has posted an interview with Zach Wigal of Gamers Outreach Foundation who was recently awarded Microsoft's MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for "Xbox community participation and leadership."

In the article Wigal is quoted as saying:

"It's an honor to be a part of the MVP program. I'm very passionate about what I do, so to me, this award is like a form of encouragement. I'm very thankful that Chris nominated me in the first place, and I'm equally thankful to Microsoft for taking the time to consider me as an award recipient," Wigal said. "To me, receiving this award is like Microsoft's little 'wink of approval.' So, from that perspective, I suppose Microsoft felt like I was qualified because of Gamers Outreach Foundation, to become a part of the MVP program."

The reporter also spoke with Microsoft MVP Lead, Michael Fosmire, about the award.

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